Gert 3000 – Respekt Für Meier

Artist: Gert 3000
Title: Respekt Für Meier
Keywords: electronic, experimental, techno, underground
Label: Genetic Trance

On the release page lays a true story that you could and should read, just in order to satisfy your potential curiosity in order to understand a bit of the backbone of this album, its title and the mindset of the artist and hid current situation. We here as a media outlet that keeps it all light and fluffy will focus on the free music that awaits you on the same release page. Shall we start and give it a go? Don’t worry I’ll hold your hand as we parade through text land…

It starts with a bit of a fruit, roughly translated as the ‘apple’. Well, I hope it is fruit and not referring to the computer system as biting that in a enthusiastic equal matter might make you lose some teeth. It’s very quick and efficient music wise, like an introduction to a pumping techno killer that never comes! How inconveniently convenient!

Luckily the artist makes up for the healthy cliffhanger by feeding us all the best improvised freecore of the moment. There is no mention that it is improvised, but you could hear it; the producer hitting the electronic equipment live and on the spot, creating the perfect red carpet to walk over into the man’s personal way of working. You could feel the joy of discovering and tweaking with the electronic sounds, creating a funky palette that will throw away your silence and yet leaves enough space for your own thoughts and imaginations. Good material to hear when you are doing something that needs a active enthusiastic pulse, yet not too overwhelming on the thinking abilities.

For some Sextourismus 3000 we move along with the album into (indeed!) Sextourismus 300! Here we can enjoy the seedier side of experimental synthesizer music, filled with appetizing squeeze sounds that somehow evokes thoughts of dirty scenes in which bloated bellies, sweat, semen and body juices are met with the kicking kick of obscene sceneries that you might have to erase from your perverse memory department. So seedy that it made me recall the phrase; what goes on in holiday stays on holiday!

The ideal way to clean up the mind is to listen to the cutest cutie pie on the release named ‘Law of the isle’. It’s sweet like ponytails, nicely tickling around for a quick fix of your sanity. A tiny hobble on the wooden wobbly horse and a fine moment to suck in your thumb and feel like a tiny child again. This is the sound of innocence and freedom, you know? Or at least to me it is…

The album continues with ‘I feel Love’ in which the legendary hit of the same name gets a splendid new makeover – perhaps even a jab – to make you able to experience this tune in a way you never expected to hear it before. The love can be certainly felt and heard, especially the love and excitement for the odd bleeps, blobs and noises that the acclaimed underground producer so amazingly sweeps this track up with! Can you feel it?
Ohhhhh feel love I feel love I feeeeel love!

Talking about love; next up is Gert Comes, which might refer to Gert 3000 coming around, making some kind of cool theme track to honor his arrival at your ears. But seeing and hearing things that might not be there, it also might refer to Gert coming all over your face! The cheekiness of this track simply could go both ways, having the coolness that one suspect you want to enter the room with and yet also the squirting juicy side that shoots itself out like an unsuspected fountain of cum 3000!

At the end Gert 3000 will have some amazing surprise for the piano friends under us;a bitter sweet composition that hits those lower piano keys harder than the lighter lightweight sounding ones. Creating to me some kind of avant-garde work of art that reminds me of Tom and Jerry cartoons dressed in a gothic scenery. They run up and down the stairs, chasing each other in full goth outfit with axes and guillotines! Not just a thrill to hear for the piano friends under us, but also a proper case of high class family entertainment that Gert 3000 had been given birth to over here!
Check this fascinating look in a artist’s mind out by hearing this album over here:

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