Seffi Starshine – Alternate Endings

Artist: Seffi Starshine
Title: Alternate Endings
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone vapordrone Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

Are you afraid of the dark?

The Alternate Endings by Seffi Starshine might come across as a lengthy release that could overwhelm a first timer with its sheer length and doomed audio mystery, yet i would say; don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid of the dark! These drone tracks will not bite and listening to them will not harm you in the slightest bit. Yes, mysterious as they are, slightly dipped in stark darkness, they do have this warm ring to it that makes me think of the prospecting sounds of potential hope, some kind of way out in which darkly dressed fairies might pop up to throw magic around & turn night into day.

It calms down thoughts but also holds them into some kind of unexpected grip, making it some kind of audio trip that leans towards ambient, but has too many out of the blue surprise elements to make a person sleep safe and sane in. It’s one of these works that quietly keeps its listeners on their toes, while pretending to be all nice and lean, balancing on a cocktail of suspense as if they meditate while walking dangerously on a thin rope in the highest top of a bleak circus tent.

You can somehow hear blank thoughts, the sounds of comfortable doom and maybe even potential death, yet they are balanced with that sparkle of enlightenment to keep you more hanging in mystery, than dropping you down into the abyss of depression. It’s the kind of music that would suit the hours of loneliness, being your guiding friend that taps you on your shoulders each time you fall into a wrong mindset, correct you maybe, or simply gets a little pissed if you attempt to pass out in some kind of sleep while listening to them.

Sorry; The Alternate Endings don’t want you to go to sleep, they want you to stay with them, tumbling around in its atmospheric drone forms to keep you close, as if you are the one and only person that means everything to them. It’s kind of freaky and eerie when you realize this, but by the time you ‘do’, you are probably already way too deep in to ever escape this destiny. It’s like an episode of that children spook series ‘are you afraid of the dark?’ but much longer and you actually being a big part of the plot.

But don’t get me wrong, this one isn’t out to scare you, (that is the mind boggling thing of these works(; they do come across soothing, but they clearly do want you to be taken seriously.. they do want your attention and if The Alternate Endings don’t get what they want from you… I will have no idea what kind of sweet punishment it has in mind in order to tell you off from disrespecting these sounds. Personally I just bravely sat through it all , without any complications or hard feelings & I feel alive and in one piece! Relaxed even but probably more intrigued than calmly rested.

The Alternate Endings come in three different ways, so if you decide to follow the link and stray away from warnings, you will be certain to keep yourself occupied for a couple of hours of balanced intensity. Don’t be afraid, See and hear for yourself, the drones are waiting for you:

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