St James Infirmary – Affidavits Of Unease

Artist: St James Infirmary
Title: Affidavits Of Unease
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

The internet connection had been utterly shit here, so much so that I almost wanted to smash the modem up with a courgette & than out of pure frustration rip the whole thing out of its electric socket. But to be fair, maybe it’s the universe saying that it’s time to switch off and go back to reality? Just when I got to that reasonable thought of reason, music started to play… finally the machine must have given the green light to be workable again & this music here must have been the stuff that I wanted to hear, so badly that it even got me all upset, angry and in a state in which you could have expected lots of cloudy hot puffing steam coming out of my nose…

…but now it was one big sigh of a relief, hearing the music’s organic organ work that somehow fitted that sound of ‘upcoming frustrating and potential rage’ (the kind of thing that I had experienced while unable to play it because of wrestling (and not winning!) with the problematic case of a sucky internet). It strangely must have felt it somehow, or perhaps Mother Nature (also known as miss Universe) must have been playing funny games on me, as the enormously lengthy track, one that seems to brilliantly go on for a massive amount of time, was called “The Great Anger Approaches”. It simply couldn’t be more fitting in any way, except that instead of making me gain that anger that I had felt when it wasn’t working, actually going away… giving me more a peacefulness to catch a breath in and a psychedelic backdrop to chill the F out in.

I sat easily (and potentially calm like a baby with a satisfied tummy) through the melodic piece that went on for 29 minutes. I really got excited to hear the end bit, hoping for some kind of unexpected twist or a explosion, but nope the experimental artist kept its consistent sound all the way through, quietly going for a quick fade as if the creator had made it for being played on repeat over and over again. If I had more time to do so & a more reliable internet to be sure it could be done I would have given it a try.. but for now I had to go on and hear the dreamy next track ‘default jazz afternoon’ which was a wonderful experience to lose day, time and thoughts in. It was in fact like listening to the conceit of ground hog day (the movie) but than in a dreamy jazzy way.

The artist managed to loop this scenery like an amazing knitted chain that could go on for infinite relaxing times. Unfortunately all music seems to have to end somehow, but with a little bit more than 21 minutes of it there will be little chance for complaints. It made me grateful that the internet provided this piece of work by this artist, that it could roam in freely for its entirety, creating a similar feeling of having a lengthy massage with music. Yep, utterly thankful for this album as I certainly feel like I could hear it forever and yet it also feels like it would love to oblige in that feeling.

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