Origami Repetika – Red Zamboni

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: Red Zamboni
Keywords: origami repetika, easy listening, post-punk, melodramatic, 32kbps, ogg, lobit, sub65
Label: Sub65

Origami Repetika must have had his singing shoes on, not that he has shoes that sing, but I mean in some kind of cryptic way that he must have been in the mood to sing. He doesn’t just sing some random stuff, but clearly was ready on a mission to give a voice to his own music more than ever before. Luckily for you and me, he has a nice pleasant voice. So we have no problem to listen to him. I could listen to him sing all day long, just like you could probably read the posts on this blog for ever until the end of eternity.

But it’s not all singing that he does, it’s mainly music that is the hero over here in this very lovely sounding personal free downloadable album. In fact the music skills get the solid spotlight for itself with the very first track on the release. Red zamboni’ it is called and is clearly the instrumental leading single, with music in which it is easy for even heartless figures like the famous tin man to feel it in their hollow bodies. Instantly giving them phantom hearts for the best feeling results! There is something to it that gives this injection of goodness something to crave for , as if we are being rocked out while being held like a puppy in a happy caretaker’s hands. From left to the right we bounce as Orgigami Repetika fills us in with electrocoustic material that goes by oh so pleasantly.

After that it’s his music in combo with the man’s voice. He throws in a feel good vibe with the grand atmospheric allure to light up a lighter and hold it sentimentally in the air out of respect to these sounds. With beautiful mellow melodies that go together like equally warm hugs of love, this Music’s grand allure can be felt miles away. His song ‘ready to breathe in’ is like a breathtaking giver of fresh air. There goes the conversation’ is up next, featuring the artist’s grand sounding piano skills as he whales on it like a American Hero that feels real and full of sentiment, expressing himself like only a real passionate human would be able to do, he rocks the electric guitar to wrap in the extra confidence, creating music that makes chicken skin all over my body. Which is cool as even I like to present myself as a chicken, it is rare that music is actually turning my human skin into that of that favorite poultry.

Warmth and vision’ is another strong song on this album, with excellent melodic flows, much looping in colorful chord progression that feels like it has it focus set on the future. A moment of human reflection and a beautiful way to spend time in a personality of music that makes me feel determined to face a future where no failure has gone before! A place that only positivity can be found according to the mindset of Origami Repetika, a clear fact that comes to a beautiful light in ‘in the fields of green and gold’, an epic song that feels like the epic ending that delivers good faith, happiness and powerful pleasant vibes in a delicate way! This is by far the personal favorite among these wonders of tunes, staying in the head like an very warm and sincere embracement by the artist himself. Wonderful! I might not have fully grasped the connection to ice skating, but maybe it refers to the fragility of the matter as exposed in these honest sounding cases of songs and music. In any case you should treat yourself good and hear these pretty pieces over from the following link:

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