Carton Sonore – Tape M’en 10

Artist: Carton Sonore
Title: Tape M’en 10
Keywords: belleville experimental avant-garde folk lo-fi pop psychedelic toy music Paris

This album is really lovely, very French, very art house cinema adorableness with a honest pleasant twinkle written all over it. It’s certainly not one for the dogs, although they might enjoy it in their true audio forms just like you and me probably do!

It all starts with something pretty sweet! The lovely sight of chocolate spaceships in the sky is nice, but to have it in your ears is even better. Calmly flying around with their flickering lights, their round shape glowing like cupcakes as it somehow shows that they have come in peace. What a luck and such a charming meet and greet this group is… and what? Oh yes! Made out of chocolate so don’t feed them to your dog!

… yes? Oh yes I’m referring to music, eh? Not an actual float of aliens that are here ready for you, although the action would probably sound quite similar…

After this lovely alien encounter I’d say it’s time for some Mythologies Modernes, which is a cute novelty that sings along with a humbling theremin, sweetly packed with twinkle twonkle twankle music and a French sounding spaciousness that made me think of spending time in a museum to drink coffee in the cafeteria. Probably with a chocolate croissant – which of course also should not be given to your dog, or any other dog in general.

More friendly material comes along, but in contract let with the other pieces of music this one is exclusively titled ‘Avant De Se Coucher’ which comes across as the embracing moment in which a artist is caught in the act of making love to an old school Casio keyboard. Not that it sounds sexy, but it does sound intimate & romantic even! But maybe that’s also because it is in French – the romantic language of all times! Even if dogs would bark in French it would sound poetic.

After this it’s ‘Routes’ which seems more cute plinky plonky stuff to be aware about. The strings get plucked like cute little pecking chickens & it sounds as if these chickens are happy to be freed from itchy feathers. They won’t be happy if you fed them to a dog.

For more coffee and croissants we can hang out in Exhibitionnisme (Unifié) , which feels like a moment to Hubble around the table with a fine childlike joy. The voice of exhibitionisms sounds like a smiling happy person whose exciting to tell you about all the benefits of exposing yourself to the outer world. It’s such a very happy go lucky moment that you shouldn’t be surprised if the coffee and croissant is being served to you by a happy waiter in full nudity, friendly dangling it’s ding dong as he serves you it’s finest materials. Don’t do that in the face of a dog as it might be happily biting it off…

The end of all nice things certainly don’t seem to stop with ‘Un Goût Familier’ around. A moment in which the concept of the human beatbox gets a new meaning, riding backward tongues and forward slide through whistling hisses. Who needs instruments if you are one big instrument yourself? Or a dog?

But than again.. maybe an instrument isn’t a bad thing to own and play with. As ‘Modarn’ should prove with a kind demonstration of such a instrument and alot of its preset sounds,that instruments in combination with anyone playing them certainly could be a fun thing! Maybe instruments might even be more popular than the human’s best friend ‘a dog’.

More acoustic is ‘Effacement’ which feels warm, little bit funny too. Definitely not made by a canine, we could clearly hear the strokes of handsome hands that create the music, Aldo the pleasant sounding voice is not one that barks or howls, but sings more in French to complete the sound of a random flute. How cute!

Than we go down to the manège.. more loveliness is waiting for us here, all cozy and nice. Very one on one and friendly in style. Dogs would be happy to sleep in it or feel free to wiggle their tails in approval.

At the end we get a tickling feeling that smells of tip toeing material to dance upon. It can’t be more French with the accordion sound that would fit a art house cinema hit like Amelie & that’s certainly a compliment a dog wouldn’t give but me as a human would certainly do! What a lovely album of greatest hits in the wonderful world of Carton Sonore!


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