Whettman Chelmets – Giant Eyes & Infant Steps

Artist: Whettman Chelmets
Title: Giant Eyes & Infant Steps
Keywords: ambient electronic drone drone rock field recordings industrial post-rock Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

With a smooth doomsday-kind of constructive introduction this release seems to manage to elbow its way in. Immediately after that, it’s time for some DaDa. The same word my little nephew would use to call upon his daddy, but music wise seems to go for some kind ambient music that dentists would probably approve of. Providing an sweet sound of ambience that feels like it is entangled with the sound of the action commonly known as toothbrushing.

TFW it’s 400 am and you’ve been up 3 times already’ is more relaxing material, especially so because it had left the toothbrush and teeth behind in order to make a more relaxed atmosphere, one in which soft streams of audio flows, just like distant memories as captured through a old time wave radio. It’s here that I stretched my back and open up the ears real wide for a good intake of anything that is pleasantly pleasant audio-wise.

MRW I Drop the Passie in the Dark’ is up next, providing the shimmering sound of hiding in the warm cozy shadows, lingering around like the good friends they could be or become. It’s here that we could all settle down for some nice rays of sunshine, glowing up our bodies as they provide vital vitamin D to our lovely immune systems.

After being exposed to such a care of sound it’s time for ‘Giant Eyes and Infant Steps’ to do its thing. A work that also comes across as queerly quiet, kind hearted and gentle. There is some added mystery to it, as if it’s the soundtrack for something in which something unexpected might happen. Perhaps something out of the blue, extra ordinary or even something murderous and evil.. but in a way it keeps itself balanced and away from the edge to become all too delicately intriguing. This might be strange to read, but to hear is a different case; it just gives the go ahead sign of slipping down the slippery slopes of approved relaxation.

At the end it’s time for ‘she says dada’ which in the earlier context of ‘dada’ being another word for daddy seems a little weird,but in reality the sound escape is pretty fitting in a more romantic kind of setting. The artist seems to have played around with voice recordings and a array of atmospheric sounds to create some kind of hot bed that would make an adult role play session between a daddy and a lover not such a weird deal to listen at.

All in all it’s a release of music that went for the art of keeping it all fluffy. There is no invasive sounds or bombastic moments to find and all is seemingly up to pick up with your own imagination. To me it felt like a moment of settling down, doing nothing but switching off the mind for as long as this album by this popular artist had been playing out to do its thing. Would love to give it a hug!

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