Pol Mod Pol – Tid til fornyelse i kort, langt og mellem

Artist: Pol Mod Pol
title: Tid til fornyelse i kort, langt og mellem
keywords: electronic breakcore disco experimental harsh noise noise Aarhus

In the broad context of WTF we have the honor to listen and chat a bit about Tid til fornyelse i kort, langt og mellem by Pol Mod Pol. What is it? Good question! The request came with the info that it is one of these special kind of releases that bring opposites together for a glorious take in making something new. This time it’s harsh noise meeting disco, according to the information. Not so sure I could identify the disco elements but it sure is noisy and has rhythms going on, it’s coming more across as distorted, experimental glitches of breakcore with here and there some vinyl scratch & random non English chit chat.

I tried to put on my disco costume and wear a bin bag on my head at the same time as this album played, but it didn’t make much difference. Only thing was that I looked like a great fool and got a little out of breath. (Shouldn’t have secured the bag with a bit of rope) I did do some kind of dance moves made legendary by nobody less than John Travolta, but as I posed my finger into the air it seemed to be cought by the propellor that spins around to provide a little breeze into the room. It ripped my finger straight off and even though I was blind from wearing the bin bag on my head I could easily ‘see’ a fountain of blood spraying out of it as if was in some hurry to dry me out. Still I was happy to wear the bag as at least my hair stayed clean from blood stains.

The pain was quite intense, but perhaps the music was even intenser. I did my best to forget about the lost finger and the continues stream of blood going out by practicing more dance moves. This time I was smart and used the other arm to point in the air. Unfortunately now my little pinky got stuck between the propellor and it didn’t exactly break off that easily, making me twirl around in circles while in inconceivable pain. I went around and around, like for what feels like an eternity. The music still blasting out of the speakers like it was all it’s plan, damping my cries and screams of help and pain as if i was the harsh noise disco diva that this album was lacking!

The horror continued until also the tiny finger got chopped off. Now I could have been sensible and put of the bag from over my eyes, but I knew seeing my fingers not being there and the obvious sheer amount of blood everywhere – that I would have fainted immediately. So I kept it on and tried to stumble towards the exit. Unfortunately as the music made me slightly disorientated I tripped over what could have been a finger or two & than slipped over the obvious puddle of blood that had been accumulated on the dance floor.. I slipped and slide all the way through the window, i knew this because glass shattered and I was falling through the air. At a certain point the bin bag flew off my face and I looked into the prospect of falling straight into a for me unluckily placed wood chopper. In the back i heard the disco harsh noise music still coming faintly out of the 19th floor window before fainting into a total blackout…

Be careful disco dancing harsh noise style to this album please.. it can come with great risks!

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