MC Mustaj is the one!

Hello and welcome. Thank you very much for coming here & bless you for your choice of spending time with us today. You are the best! And don’t let anyone tell you any different! Yep, you dear reader should get some well deserved love and attention as well. Don’t think we neglect you like all the other ‘music’ blogs; Nobody over here will take your presence for granted & you being here is simply the best gift of gifts. YIkIS loves you!

And because of this, I thought it would be nice to treat you well with some music discoveries that you might feel nicely in your body. Mostly ears and eyes as somehow we have plenty of video marterial to share here. In fact, let’s not waste all too much of your valuable time and drop a must see, hear & feel music video by Julian Z for MC Mustaj’s ‘Ella Vuela’. It got everything you’ll need, the mysterious pounding of psychedelic electronic upbeat melodic music, the energy to get off your seat and spectacular images featuring (and made by) wonderful people, with or without masks on:

…. yep, you’d like that, right? It made you feel intrigued and inspired, perhaps even lost some weight while doing irresistible movements as you watched and felt the magic? Once more we proof that you can trust your one and only reliable source for music that doesn’t suck! MC Mustaj certainly doesn’t suck! Just take your time to let the original music sink in, give the video another swing and you know that we are dealing here with a great music producer first and foremost. Without her skills the video would have been a silent one.

Before going all too deep in hype land & enthusiastically tell you about this great MC that we wanted to inform you about, I wanted to show you this other nice video, this one is done by Chani Bockwinkel and it features beautiful dancing people shot in a very lovely light. Shot as in shot by a camera, so no bloody scenes & safe to watch and inspire people of all ages. No parental guidance needed but a love for stripy gloves would come in handy.

What a beautiful imagery, right? And if you did hear it with the volume on – another great moment to get to hear and know the instrumental music as produced by MC Mustaj. It kicks ass! But wait as MC Mustaj as a MC might even kick double ass! Let the rambling hyper hype of enthusiasm flow as I continue below (yo!) :

MC Mustaj is a iconic figure in the Dutch underground, with her strong presence and personality she carries herself in front of dubious crowds to make them all feel energized, up and probably educated too! She is a word smith, waving them into rhythmic sentences that are like iron being heated in the fire. She gives them the right flow and strength as she spreads lyrics live on her own electronic beats for a full on banter of a good time. She is like a warrior, a middle finger towards any homophobe, a no nonsense goodbye-pooha kind of artist, fierce and fearlessly ruling the beats, her sounds and anyone in contact with them like a rebel charging up the listeners towards a rebellious rebellion of pure positivity! She represents freedom!

Live footage filmed at the International Queer and Migrant Filmfestival in Amsterdam, in which she can be seen and heard performing her hit tune ‘Baas’ (roughly translated as ‘Boss’) had been played here over and over again, making my fingers itchy to write something about it & the artist who rocks out under the radar while aiming for the stars! It’s just so good!

Even though the words in ‘Baas’ are all in the beautiful Dutch language, I still think that the rhythm and flow of the vibes in general will stand strong on a wider global way! For anyone not able to understand this insane language of that country that is mostly below sea level; she basically ask you to go down with the music & makes you aware that everyone is their own boss. In a way a very interesting bypass to create anarchistic mayhem, as you might think that in a better society there would be no bosses, but if everyone is a boss there are no ‘bosses’, but just people who accept responsibility for themselves and their own actions.

Ah! See? MC Mustaj not just makes great electronic music to dance upon, has the right flow of words to get the crowds going; she also offers smart solutions! It can’t come more real and raw than the fighter kind of artist MC Mustaj… but don’t forget: she is (not unimportantly!) also the bringer of good party times!

Yeah! This is the end of my rambling piece of love. I hope you enjoyed it and also found it a ‘Time well spend’ and if you want some more MC Mustaj , please check out her official YouTube account or seek her live performing in the depths of the underground:


I don’t know if it is appreciated

Or if I get eventually annihilated

as I’m no poet or MC

But suddenly I got inspired to rhyme

For just you and me!

MC Mustaj is the freaking best

Healthier than a salad with water crest!

She spits and raps

Kicks dicks, slaps the ass, deserve the claps. She beats the nest, wears no vest!

Is this a dream, is this MC even real?

More damaging than a banana peel!

Good vibrations, high expectations,

An asset to the queer nation, comes without regulation & deserves a Standing ovation!

Now I bow my head down in shame,

Rapping isn’t my game. Leaving it to the pro, cause Yo MC Mustaj is the one Bro!

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