Susan Drone – The Big Drone

Artist: Susan Drone
Title: The Big Drone
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient drone experimental electronic Murcia

It’s precisely midnight as my ears sank into the big drone of Susan Drone. It’s like slipping into a world in which we as listeners are carried by a group of mystical voices that hum all mass for a experience of powerful togetherness. As the show goes on they are progressively intensifying as if more of their magical powers are multiplying, showing signs of strength and holy force without using the slightest form of anger. I admire it, as it ain’t easy to make ambient music that comes across as muscled enough to carry all listeners as if we weighted nothing.

The more I’m in The Big Drone the more intrigued I get. These layers seem to play mind tricks, like some kind of special audio magic that is been displayed in front of you & yet you have no idea how and when or where it all is going. Optimizing a full on stereo perspective as well as the use of the trickiness that time has on a listener’s mind. The big one’ over here, is one that makes entire facets of reality disappear & exchanges it with a beautiful disorientation. Who am i? Who are you? Even the ancient question of the meaning of life is questioned; this is an entire different realm to be in. In the end a single group of the drone choir carried me back to my senses, but the impressive mark that this drone experience had on me, will be engraved in my memories forever. Tattooed even!

Now ten over midnight; it felt as if I had been gone for at least an hour, yet the amazing trip must have been just ten minutes long. I suggest you to take a dive and try it out too. I know you must have a busy life, but somewhere you should have ten minutes to spare for one of the best psychedelic drones I’ve ever heard! If not? Well… I guess you must be a masochist. Headphones are highly recommended to use as a gateway tool to experience The Big Drone’s full potential! Enjoy:

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