Steve White & The Protest Family – Snowflake

Artist: Steve White & The Protest Family
Title: Snowflake
Keywords: punk folk protest singer-songwriter United Kingdom

Steve White is the protest artist that gives it to you raw and in your face. With a sense of humor, but not with the laughing laughers as he is certainly no comedian. He apparently is one of those special ‘snowflake’ people in the United Kingdom that got a lot of things to say, probably accumulated things that angered him and gladly found the right way to get it all out of his system and off his chest. A great thing as worrying too much about stuff & keeping it all in might be an invitation to get the cancers.

Here these worries and cases of social commentary are punching out songs with strong meaning, as if they are fists that want to beat some sense in the all-round senselessness of the times that we seemingly seem to live in. Conscious and real. A character out a Dickens book that got left out, but should have his own place in history and be heard and loved by all; something for the greater good!

You see, Steve White comes across as a special kind of punk, the kind of real person that somehow does seem to give a toss about what’s going on in society. It’s special, as streetwise punks in general have this kind of reputation to don’t really give a f*ck, being all tough as they piss against walls and hang out in the street throwing stones at random Bobby hats. But Steve White and the protest family seems to showcase a complete different kind of breed. They think & sing without preaching about issues we could all gain some positive ideas from. When he sings ‘don’t forget to be nice’ it sums it up for me that this is an album made by ‘the good one’. A person of heart and understanding, one ready to fight with words and energy, with a thoughtful mind and singer songwriter wizardry.

To be honest, I think it’s funny to hear such passion and intellect in “snowflake” as Steve White sounds half like a gang member of someones who beats you up halfway an alleyway, but also like someone whose consciousness is stronger than pure mindless muscle power. Steve White is there to beautifully think & write passionately a song before giving his muscles a swing. to be fair, it takes strength and guts to have an opinion these days & all these songs are in that perspective efficient friendly, kind hearted punches to the mix.

Don’t get the wrong impression though; this is not an angry or violent sounding release. It’s just the tough and rough character full sound of Steve White his voice that gives it that no nonsense attitude that feels as something not to be screwed with. But it also makes him come across as a figure that Is charmingly real, kinda lovable even. When the album was half way through, I easily felt like squeezing his cheeks and offer him a cup of tea with milk and a biscuit: English style! If there had been more people in the U.K. with attitudes as Steve White displayed here, it will all becoming ‘alright’. Hell, the whole thing might not even go to shit! If this is a snowflake than I wished we all would be snowed in!

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