Wood Chickens – Must Die

Artist: Wood Chickens
Title: Must Die
Keywords: bloomington indiana madison punk cowpunk garage rock wisconsin Bloomington
Label: Crush Grove Records

Calling the wood chickens didn’t sound like an workable option. Trying to contact them through crappy dial up modem while connecting with the wonders of the internet, seemed to be a more successful way. Yep, after a couple of old school beeps, the Wood Chickens came in, all nicely draped in a novelty punk attitude.

Screaming and full on blasting out their thing on electric guitar and their banging drums. They announced loudly that they skate in boots, which is quite frankly a very odd place to skate in. Aren’t they a bit too small? Or are they talking about boots from a massive giant? Maybe they got angry from the smelly stench of feet that had been previously occupying these boots?

They sound full of energy but also not very insane. They yell and play their music quick and loud, it is gone before you could even check your own pair of boots in order to see if the Wood Chickens somehow turned it into a skateboarder’s paradise. As there might be a chance that they didn’t find a gigantic pair of boots to do their thing in, but that they are actually themselves very, very, small. It’s a possibility even though they sounded so loud on this tiny EP; it might explain a lot + also why they have to scream and be so noisy; they might have a complex about their highly, size and needed a way to compensate.

In any case I do think they have found the right way to express themselves and managed to place themselves on the music map. It would be a real shame to step on them as their music must live on & their skating practices in boots might be something odd, it’s also quite a thing that the world should cherish. They certainly shouldn’t be crushed to death and none of them ‘must die’. It’s just a little something that these wild Wood Chickens seemingly like to do and do songs about. Good on them!

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