ZXSinclair – S0RRY

Artist: ZXSinclair
Title: S0RRY
Keywords: electronic lobit noise experimental electronic Bialystok
Label: Pionierska Records https://dropr.com/pionierska?fbclid=IwAR2aBnwI8EB6gqZdtniYGkB9t2HhbalyJxBEEWks5nwm49_d6Z-jIU8rNnM

If you have managed to get your hands on the first ever release that had been brought to Life through the micro label Pionierska, you might be a person who is well lucky. The floppy disk in question had been sold out and had become a rare item for collectors to find and reasons for them to go on a hunting spree. It isn’t strange, as just like most first releases by labels operating out of love; the output (as musically captured on it) is pretty far out and interesting. In fact you might as well say it must have been the reason to start a label in the first place.

With ‘SORRY’ the listener is immediately thrown into a scientific headspace,one in which alien technology had taken over the motherboard, making it go into some kind of tilt mode that even though sounding like an uncontrolled meltdown, also comes across as a well orchestrated one. It’s like a beautiful virus, one that is excitingly doing its own thing; flashing imaginative flashy images on the screen that are beyond control, provoking kind epileptic audio attacks to the honorable vulnerable, but also exciting thrills to all other!

Sorry this beauty has been all sold out!

You could easily imagine random buttons on the keyboard all being pressed up and down by itself. It’s as if an extreme extern foreign identity had managed to nestle itself in and is now gloriously infecting every bit of the technology that had been normally used to be under your control. Bright lights, unknown ascii art, images never seen before; everything is passing the revue when this glorious experimental attack kicks in to do its thing. It’s experimental audio alright, but when it hits your imaginative brain sector, it simply becomes much more like a visual spectacle. The floppy diskette with the audio in lobit might be a difficult find, but a digital version can still be grabbed from the label’s own page:

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