DEEP DOWN – fidelity

Title: fidelity
Keywords: electronic trap downtempo industrial lofi noise Pennsylvania

Hello, how are you? Yes, I’m alright. A little bit in the dark, but that’s alright. It’s because I’m deep down. Very, very deep down. I’m so deep down that I’m down with Deep Down. It’s certainly deep enough to think about the fact that I should have brought a flashlight. It’s just a little bit too dark here. I can hardly see my own hands when waving them in front of my own eyes.

Luckily the music here in Deep Down is like lightening, flashing up and down to provide enough moments to be able to see that we are slightly stuck in an exciting hellish kind of an hiding place. One in which a man and a woman’s evilest sickly spirits are hanging around to spit words that oddly easily made me wet my pants. Not in an arousing kind of wet way, but more in the ‘oh no I’m kinda scared – I should have gone to the toilet before going deep down in to Deep Down land.’

Scary as it might be, it also feels like the sickest place to be. And with sickest I mean that it’s the kind of area that only the coolest kind of psychopaths would hang out to spend their spare time in. It’s the deepest place in which they are safe and sound, one in which fat donut loving cops would never step a foot in & too bombastic for the average miner to pop up and have a unwanted sniffle.

Personally I felt intimidated by these creepy beats, psychopathic words that are either rapped, spoken or sang in whispery ways in the ears. The music is very great in the deep down zone, consistently sick, always evil in a beautifully strong way. It’s like a hideout for murderers, killers and freaks with blood on their hands. A safe space for them to come together and avoid getting seen, arrested or caught. And a place for us random listeners to be slightly frightened, breathless and intimidated. Let’s hope they don’t smell the urine and that it might turn them angry… for now I seem to be safe, but I might need some backup in here… want to come deep down too? Especially cool if you are a psycho!

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