Rosemary Krust – Evirare

Artist: Rosemary Krust
Title: Evirare
Keywords: Baltimore
Label: Sara Laughs

You know when you are in trouble when you get something to hear that hasn’t a single keyword to hold onto, no phrase or thing (except ‘Baltimore’) to give a tiny clue of how this album will sound like. And when you go to the label’s bandcamp page you read the sentence that might ring many alarm bells to many; ‘For the doomed & unlistenable’. Holy shit! And that must be us? I mean you and me must be thought of as the doomed, only who of you are the unlistenable ones? Or wait… I get it! The music is deemed to be doomed and unlistenable… well that’s going to be a hard sell , I mean it will be a bit like reviewing the clothes of the emperor only than instead of no clothes to see there will be no music to hear?

Maybe it’s all hype, all a lot of baboonery to be a style that is too cool to be in a genre. In any case ‘hold my glass’ as I’m going in – unprotected!

Oh yes people, your brave reviewer is ankles deep waning around in the first track named ‘Tristezza’and surprise, surprise it could actually be heard! Somehow I was expecting a recording of silence – the kind of music release that you have to make up yourself, fill it in with the sound of head scratching and things like that.. but no, that’s not the case here. Things can be heard. I would say it’s like improvisational avant-garde that I’m wading in. They would probably hate that word, but at least it’s something that is so lose that it could go many ways, yet gives us less curious listeners at least something of a clue before they decide to click or not.

I could hear real instruments, all seemingly not so much working together but more as if the music makers have been tucked into their own worlds and somehow as a collective they had been recorded as if it’s one eventful event of togetherness. It’s strangely listenable though, not at all unkind to the ears or all too annoying. It helps probably if you are sacked out of your face, or off your tits; but even for the common sleep-deprived person it feels okay to hear. It’s quite buzzy, making me feel as if I had walked into a old European city center in which lunatics had decided to begin a random performance. And why not? It certainly brings some atmosphere to the place,!mot at all as gruesome as it somehow appeared to me when the release dropped in my sight. At times it even felt as if the musicians finally started to acknowledge each other, stopping their ego fights of who is the dominant on the music instrument & somehow started to become more chilled out and sounding like a team. It took them a while though, but nobody is perfect. Especially not at first sight.

The second track named ‘verdura’ might be a bit more as the tag line in the label was suggesting. It’s much more into the noise department, with screeching sounds that feels as if someone had taken you by the hair and pulled you behind a rusty lawnmower. Somehow it started to dawn on me that the more you endure it, the more music might actually pop up in order. It’s a bit of a fight again, but strangely the noise seems to be the overruling winner over here. It is probably because a sexy horn would never be able to out blow something that is heavily distorted. When drums comes in the sensible music attempt might simply be all gone out of the window. I’m just fine minutes in but it already seems to tickle me in giving up and admit to the ‘unlistenable’ thing that they seemed to have gone for. But no, I stayed as if it was my favorite meal, as if I had to find out how this repeated noisiness would unfold, if there would be a moment in which we could make some sense of it all.

But things only got more bombastic, with a penetrative claxon on repeat, some bubble keyboard and even some randomly found singing… surprisingly after all this the track became a bit more calmer, as if it had found new life, as if it was two music pieces in one. It’s like ten minutes in in which the general overruling noise had been taking a break so the more traditional sounding instruments could have a go to be heard. Even the strange companionship of a odd nonsensical voice seemed to somehow be in place as the music here plays itself out in a kinder kind of way, it turned into folk music for rambling aliens that tried to be human for one day. In the end I felt that it was a really nice relaxing listen, as somehow it is really nice to feel the satisfaction in these recordings as they start like total chaos and than both successfully become to their senses as the musicians start to make pretty listenable works in the end instead. Almost like conversion therapy but with avant-garde noise heads in and pretty skilled composers out. I don’t know who Rosemary Krust is and if it’s all done by one person or if this is the work by a collective, but it sounds like the last option. If that isn’t the case than ‘wow’ this must be a beautiful example of schizophrenia in the music way!

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