Fictional Girlfriend – Imbroglio

Artist: Fictional Girlfriend
Title: Imbroglio
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient dark ambient drone industrial Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

Hello! “Hell” is apparently the place to be for wonky organ players to do their beloved thing. In this case it’s the sound vision of this fictional imaginary girlfriend. An mysterious identity that somehow rocks our socks with this organ while it’s delightfully combined with a simple, yet determined sounding beat. It’s no fancy ordeal, plain and simple like slaps in the face and kicks under your behind; not the worst kind of thing you would expect hell to sound like; in fact it sounds more like a devilish kind of heaven.

I can’t make any word jokes for the second track named ‘Imbroglio’ as I don’t know what it means (other than the title of this album) and I’m too reluctant to ask uncle google for answers. Instead of that, I listen dumbly to it in the hope it reveals a bit of its meaning. Might it be something along he line of sensible manic madness? Music that is oddly eerie while also coming across as clownishly clowning around in a darkened way? Somehow it made me go into some kind of bizarre trance, swinging in its strange ways with its low fidelity drums and head-banging psyched out melody.

The number named ‘Caller ID’ was of a much more friendlier kind. With a mellowness that feels like it’s been recorded ok a fuzzy VHS tape and played forward in the wrong, slower speed. The result is something that feels like a relaxing old movie, something with pretty lights and child friendliness written all over it. Is this what they call vaporwave? Whatever it is it could call me up any time of the day so we could shuffle a nice dance in nostalgic ways.

A ‘weirder forest’ sounds a bit louder and sharper, good for the almost deaf and the nearly blind to be picked up and function as that little online miracle that we might have waited for in our digital lives. But also ‘Sharp Skin’ is one of these tracks on this brand new release on Girly Girl Musik that might be your cup of rare tea. It feels ghostly, like a haunted stretched out dusty tape in which church organs had become a drone of forgotten times, slightly scratching the surface of the enduring edges of tolerance, yet also somehow relaxing in a offbeat kind of way.

All in all, imbroglio by Fictional Girlfriend is one of the vaguer ones in the music scene, hanging around in what feels like the webby corners of abandoned block buster video renting stores and lofi logistics that has a nostalgic sound that hangs somewhere between heaven and hell. A nice balance perhaps as I can’t decide which one of the two is the better option to go for in the afterlife. Luckily if you read this; you are not dead yet. So please while you wait – In the mean time feel very free to just click the link and check out the music:

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