Max Gowan – Bygones

Artist: Max Gowan
Title: Bygones
Keywords: alternative guitar pop pop raleigh washington dc guitar pop indie pop indie rock lo-fi lofi pop Washington

I always wonder why well selling (or at least well supported!) music releases slip into our ‘yeah i know it sucks’ office for a request to review. Do they really need the likes of us lunatics to say something nice about it? Is our opinion important? Does it stroke the ego of the artist more than the fans could do? I wonder and than I wonder some more, but in the meantime I listen. And than I listened some more..

I listened so much so that I kinda seem to be able to get those fans, followers and supportive members of the music appreciative public. This music over here done by a certain Max Gowan is not unkind and definitely not ugly. In fact it is pretty – pretty. I listened to it while seated on the ground in the garden while sipping down the average tranquilizing dose of toxic beverages, drinking them just quickly enough to make sure to beat the sun at its game of vaporizing with sunshine the precious liquids from the bottles… And you know what? it felt perfect! All blood removed and replaced by alcohol, sunshine on my body and mind and this music by Max Gowan in my ears.. it couldn’t get better, really!

Especially with the sunshine burning on these sound waves – all these songs really seemed to have a perfect tan going on, so much so that I felt that I should fall for the peer pressure & also jump on board of appreciators of this work by Max Gowan. I had never heard of Max Gowan before & I’m probably sure that he hasn’t have heard of me (his new fan and appreciator) either! So we are all good, I guess. The only thing was that it was a tough battle. I mean as I heard these songs and singing in the sunny garden, there was the unfortunate event going on of a neighbor out-noising the album by doing DIY works outside. Oh yes! Banging things, mowing grass, going around with the chainsaw.. that kind of thing.

There is a high gate that separates the gardens so I could only guess what it was that wiped away the music by Max Gowan so once in a while, but trust me I wished at times that my new music discovery would have connected his guitar and his voice through a network of distortion pedals just so I could return the noisy neighbor a favor by out blasting him with music that suited this perfect garden time much better than whatever this fellow had in mind. He would probably have loved it, although he likes to sing trash metal when showering (something I could also hear and enjoy) he must have some sense of music going on that makes me think he would too appreciate Max Gowan’s songs and music playing. If only I could blast it out louder than his noisy activities…

In the end I didn’t give up and made a whole constructive construction with multiple megaphones amplifying each other. I aimed them at the neighbor’s garden and kept on going through the album by Max Gowan and you know what? It worked! Or at least I think it did as the neighbor stopped his ugly noises, letting the sounds of well tanned sunshine music by Max Gowan flow over the fence for a mutual standoff in music appreciation. Unfortunately not much later the listening session got violently interrupted again as cops kicked in the door, ran in the garden and took away all my megaphones and equipment. Luckily I did manage to drink every bit of booze that was in my possession so there was nothing really to cry about of their stealing theft of possessions, but yes.. maybe I was a little sad that I couldn’t listen out loud to this fine album of Max Gowan anymore..

but maybe tonight i will listen in bed, wetting myself from how beautiful it is – listening it under the blankets ; not giving anything to the neighbor who obviously doesn’t deserve to hear good music like the kind that Max Gowan creates.. oh well, it’s his loss! I know many people do & even though I hate to be a sheep – I’m liking it too! Behehe!

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