Mrs. Dink – CODE013

Artist: Mrs. Dink
Title: CODE013
Keywords: abstract, experimental

Sometimes it’s time for a new start. Especially when everything got itself twisted into a total funky version of f*ckedupness. Somehow it feels as the universal theme of the day over here, but to underline the happening the latest release send in for review starts with a uncanny track that is not only named after such a restart, but also felt like the right thing to hear when going for the new start. You know; things will rattle, “the weakest link” theme music is being infiltrated to get rid of any unwanted thoughts, goodbye to any bit that might have wanted to screw up the new start & welcome to some fine rhythm that hops in for a general cleansing. It goes on for a bit longer than expected, but hey no bloody ever said that new starts would be an easy practice.

Crazy enough after the restart it’s time for yet another one. Oh my goodness! We just did the whole ordeal of cleaning the bad vibes, the traps that might screw up the attempt to a new beginning but the producer had simply not enough & had to give it another go. Oh well, it isn’t that bad, after all the weakest links had already been removed & now only rhythm and some shimmery shadow noise had come along to make this the new beginning that sounded a little bit different than the new start.

Crazy enough it was after the great cleansing that made everything right and ready for a new clean canvas, A Demon of Rebellion seemed to have joined the release. Now you might think that a rebellious demon would screw all our plans, ruin everything that we had just achieved & throw all the cleanliness off guard for some showcase of anarchistic demonic possessions… but no! Instead of all this, it sounded as if the demon came along for another cleaning, maybe bringing some xtc pills along the way so we could all experience it a bit differently, but in general it’s still very much focused on the bass-kick and the highlighting rhythm section that might have rang your bells at the earlier sections of this release.

The last bit of music is more electronically beat orientated. It is here that I lowered my shields and gave finally into the many starts that this release seemed to have gone for. The bold kick and some higher frequency melody that freaked itself out in its repetitive ways seemed to be the odd rulers over here, making me think of a finger pressing the buttons of a electric microwave and old good times of a chilled out moment in the happy hardcore days. If this wasn’t enough to convince you to purchase a copy of this music, you might change your mind when knowing that every penny goes to the charity ‘save the children’. So head in and hit that good karma provider as if it was the new start of your life that you had always had waited for!

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