Collections Of Dead Souls – A Calm Taste EP

Artist: Collections Of Dead Souls
Title: A Calm Taste EP
Keywords: ambient dark ambient drone experimental electronic idm industrial loops sound alchemy sound art soundscapes Austin

With releases like this one over here we got to appreciate audio in stereo form all over again. It’s probably made by the artist while wearing headphones as otherwise such fine stereophonic details might be a work of a magically fine producer with the best ears in the world. There is just so much amazing detail to hear over here, very well done and quite overwhelming. In fact I was poking my own cheeks to check if I didn’t hear this all in a dream.

It’s like not only rediscovering your own hearing abilities, but also acknowledging how incredible audio could be presented. The artist over here simply make the sounds seemingly coming from all angles, like brightly lid warm duvets that pull over both your ears like miraculous wonders of human technology. A calm taste the producer calls it; I call it the taste of awesome!

The amazing sound escape doesn’t come in all loneliness, as there are several different mixes that are also dropped on this release. There is a beat remix that keeps the original track its beauty, but seems to give it a electronic pulse, one that isn’t in your face but more coming up and down like a extra complimentary compliment. There is also the meditation mix, one that is pretty full on and much more dense than the title might imply. In fact after a good listen i found it to be the most glorious one, bringing a psychedelic hypnotic eclectic experience that you won’t expect to come out of the handsome hands of a homeless producer. At the end the artist provides a track full of loops and main materials for other creative audio freaks to get funky with, but I doubt that anyone could make anything as luxurious as what Collection Of Dead Souls created here himself! Wonderful!

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