various artists – spooky mallet Resonance Knifespoon

Artists: various
Title: spooky mallet Resonance Knifespoon
Cat: [pmc082]
Keywords: Dada, Chance, Assemblage, Compilation, Various Artists
Label: postmoderncore

Are you ready to meet your new family? One that isn’t giving you hell but is kind and gentle & probably weird enough to accept you for who you are? Seek no further for them and their beloved goodness – as now is the time:

1 {AN} EeL/Melanie Reed/toy robot/Banana Armour

The first one to open this very interesting dada compilation is one of the few works that set the trend of listenable experimentation high up the ladder of quality standards. It’s as if we have awoken on a very wild Sunday somewhere in the sun, lights wildly spread out on our mind and body while we check out the psychedelic seventies through a pair of pink glasses. It’s as if we had been lost and found and taking into the caring home of tripped out eccentrics. Probably hanging out in hang mats as they offer you home made lemonades and show each other how to imitate a cuckoo bird. It’s fair to say that it feels very surreal, but oh so kind and touchable; as if a tribe of kind hippies adopted you into their caring hearts.

2 Adam Levitt/The Munchikin Rockstar/Clara Cat/Dusty R. Shriver

The music continues and so does the pleasant ordeal of this fabulous new age in which we could feel surrounded by a new family. Here we meet the youth, also nice and friendly sounding, all upfront while softly spoken noises are making the backdrop environment into a cozy one. Nobody knows what we ate or drank before waking up in this situation but we all should be thankful for it; you will feel oddly straight at home.

3 The Kendal Mintcake/mattlikestapes/Woodpecker/John Meaux

Now the hippyish family members seem to be working hard to do their thing. One seems to be making wood crafts,the other brushes its teeth, yet another practices humbling hums while yet another is hammering nails in the crappy furniture; you can all see it happening and somehow you let them be and do their thing as it feels that they need all their focus and attention. Nobody wants them to hit their fingernails, shaves off the wrong wood piece or brush next to their mouths; the sound of busy times in this household indeed!

4 Tendencyitis/Sean Stellfox/Kat Whatley/Cyberphobe

Time for them all to have some upbeat down time. Instruments are kindly strangled and forced to sound different than their creators had intended them to be. Some random things are being hit and self made birdcages are tested for their acoustic sounds. It’s a jolly time with a accordion being the fancy heartbeat of it all; everybody seems to be happy and smiley; nobody cares about yellow teeth.

5 Ms Ts/DK/DaCow/Rick Jensen

Now fully integrated in the family action we join them in their party, they play freeform garden techno impro jazz with a rusty old fence as the main instrument. Everybody is dancing around with the four by four beat and everything that you hear and feel is the sound of instant happiness.

6 Cath O’Brien/Tommy the Cat/Robot Kokako/Vinda

After the party it is time for us to chill out and watch the hippies do impressions of large whales. They are on the floor, flipping their bodies as their produce whale sounds in their own specific ways. It sounds really nice and even looks much more intriguing. I wonder what kind of drugs they took and if it was something in that homemade lemonade that these fine people had offered me earlier on… is this even real?

7 Concrete/Field/Bryce Galloway/Becs/Jade Farley

I felt the spirit of Moondog coming down and approving the sounds of the situation over here. People are singing, making sounds with their mouths while new age gong baths are playing their bell like tones in the backdrop. Lady like voor cal prettiness meets disquieting male mouth dirtiness; it’s a good combo as disgust becomes pleasurable and pleasure becomes the disgust. All lines are blurred but in the end it’s a strong togetherness. A family with unique individuals that you all love for them being their unique selves.

8 Ducklingmonster/Josh Medina/Grvdggr/Coconut Shy

Apparently it’s time for them to clean up, as they hover their floors with sound, kindly cleaning up their unhygienic methods with the sound of humbling spaced out music as their kind of vacuum cleaner. How nice and efficient of this jolly good bunch!

9 Matt Fifield/Spartan Jet-Plex/Madame Klaw/J G Bollard

After this it’s time for godly foods. They serve it with handmade plates and cutlery. Someone nice humbly sings in the sound soup for the added flavor &!” The entire atmosphere is relaxed and full warm goodness. Don’t you tell that this family isn’t treating their lost listening guests well; as they do and probably seems to have more love and care to give than the average family that you had met along your way.

10 Corporal Tofulung/Nat Sowinski/Ghostmike/David M. Bedford

It’s probably sleepy time. We can hear everyone trying to get ready to go to bed. Mouth hygiene is being executed, knifes and spoons are being taken away and washed and a woodpecker pecks it’s last tree of the day. Lovely kind sounds twirl around to induce psychologically pleasing dreams and all is good. I can only hope we wake up tomorrow and are still be among this happy hippy household in which friendliness and creative creations seems to be the solid actions of their day. What a lovable bunch and how kind!

Come over and enjoy these sweet hippies in their hippiedom! They will take care of you and accept you for who you are: a music lover with a heart made out of flowers!

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