Ivonne Van Cleef – Ivonne Van Cleef . 9

Artist: Ivonne Van Cleef
Title: Ivonne Van Cleef . 9
Keywords: experimental santa fe bedroom recordings drone lo-fi low rural psychedelia tascam San Jose

Ivonne Van Cleef has the power to immediately transform the listening room into a scene of old school westerns. But she does this not through the traditional ways of things like shaking a can of beans and rambling songs as she strokes a broken banjo, but goes for a much more modern approach. On number 9 of her exclusive series of music, she is doing this pony trick again and it’s hard to go behind the backstage for a sneak peak in order to find out how she makes this all work.

From the front it certainly feels like the kind of western soundscape in which we sit on the back of a horse and slowly gallop through a little cowboy / cowgirl village in the middle of the sandy desert. Why and how will always be a mystery, but Ivonne van Cleef simply has this creation into her skillful skills and all we could do is put on a fitting hat and wear a hip belt with a revolver on it… cause that’s what suits the music the most.

The little 9 release steps into the prairie with the next track, featuring the kind of music that makes us look difficult and dangerous. As if we are the farmers that ride on horses that are not to be messed with. It’s a stare that we should practice in the mirror as this music parades by in step by step ways. It just doesn’t come natural to me and the other city folks, but practicing will surely throw off the rightful fruits, making us look cool as we enter this fantasy realm of an modern spaghetti western landscape.

Than suddenly we get shot at by bullets that don’t make any soun, probably shot by someone who clearly doesn’t appreciate our good looks in their natural habitat, probably aiming at our cowboy/cowgirl hats. Of course with the music by Ivonne Van Cleef still in our heads, we are feeling too cool and as good as immortal to be impressed or panicked, we just order the horse between our legs to walk even slower, going for a kind brave walk towards the sunny horizon as if we are the beautiful birds of prey that can never be scared, killed or thrilled. We have number 9, what is your caliber? Go back home, jealous rusty westerner ; your bullets don’t even make a sound!

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