Keywords: drone experimental hnw. harshnoise noise field recordings noise pedalcore Berlin

As if every day normal life isn’t enough as a nightmare, a certain SCHöNOBYL is putting an extra layer over it to make everything seemingly much worse. Now suburbia has come to life as a soundtrack, one in which coldness is tightly intertwined with gassy warmth that makes it hard to know what is what and who is who. It’s the place in which nobody knows their neighbor, nobody wants to know their neighbor and if they see a neighbor; they might just even hate their neighbor even more. It’s a chilled way of living under asbestos roofs and with our doors locked to keep the outside world out and our own paranoid selves safely tucked inside.

There our craziness is being surrounded now by these soundtracks by this SCHöNOBYL, making the whole ordeal of dealing with living in Suburbia into a entirely new level. Afraid, we close the curtains, dim the lights, go back to bed and hide under the blankets like modern day zombies that can’t take it anymore. We are trapped in this double whammy of a nightmare; over stimulated by nightmare on top of nightmare. Can we hear someone banging on the door? Is it the neighbor? A police person? A pizza deliverer at the wrong address? A tax collector? A bailiff? An explosion in the distance? The sun goes down and up and we don’t even notice the time passing by like a speedy train on a horrible journey through the land of the heartless.

We peek through the closed blinds and see absolutely nothing. Darkness, scary nothingness that reach the end of our eye sight. Better crawl into the over for extra safety and protection; this is a double nightmare scenario and nobody knows where or how it might end… might stick our hand out, put on the gas and light a fire; we going out with a bang-style and hopefully taking the neighbor’s along! Oh the sweet thoughts of revenge are kicking in to the suburban nightmare. One that only has become more real thanks to the stimulating sounds of these bedroom recordings by this scare inducer called SCHöNOBYL. Well done! Good luck listening to this while living in a council flat – it might end up all devilishly wrong!

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