Elena Chimaera – Vague Devil

Artist: Elena Chimaera
Title: Vague Devil
Keywords: diy electronic experimental crazy diverse inside outer lo-fi midi pop synth synthpop weird Chicago

I didn’t know it was possible, but I think I’ve fallen in love with an album. One that has everything to entertain for all the years to come, the melodies , the words, the riddling riddles, the stories, the magical magic, the right twinkles in the eye, the rhythms to joyfully dance around in a feel good dreamy way; it’s simply all there and it’s so warm, personal, generously kind and so full of love. I was literally on the floor rolling around with joy when it first came up in my vision of something that ‘had to be heard’ and than it was (although probably one sided) love at first listen!

With intriguing storytelling, enormously originality , cool and strong strangeness and synth sounds previously unheard this album conquered my heart. Kicking in the skylines full of stars, flirting with the handsome riders that sit on top of them. It whistled charmingly like the most glorious whistler, has the coolest vibes and all seems to be generously dipped in personal imagination of a music genius. Something that rocks on like modern retro awesomeness that you ought to feel in your head where it lets open the gates of joyful endorphins.

It’s an rollercoaster of dreamy kick-ass sweetness coming out of the blue from
a creator that might reach suspected superstardom. With popular poppy twists, incredible creativity and toe tipping skills of classy art, the album’s lyrics balance over the music like well balanced trapeze dancers. It is that Valentine’s Day had already passed on as other wise i felt surely to paint it a card asking this album to be my valentine. It is the least I could have done as now I’m dancing with it in my arms around the room as it blasts out the incredible ‘the siren song’ like a dream that is oh so true.

It got everything to be a classic among many genres and will fill up kindly the boxes people love to throw music in. Electronic pop, amazing outsider galore, singer songwriter excellence, self knowledge art, dance, romantic wickedness, feel goodness and character, pleasure, fun, intimacy, poetry, ingenuousness and sheer playfulness. All tactful merged together to be maybe the best album out there that you might have missed out on… I’m so glad it rolled into my eyesight. Not even know how, probably the artwork doing its flirtation work and succeeding… but in any case this album might be the love of your life. Good things with albums is that they are there to be shared and so this one can be the love of all of our lives! Come in and hear these amazing songs, great music and wonderful tunes! In all honesty it’s a whirlwind of cheerful fun!

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