Alan Morse Daves – PARSE EP

Artist: Alan Morse Daves
Keywords: orchestral, pop, experimental
Label: At Sea Music

I don’t know how, but Alan Morse Daves might be the best kept secret music maker out there. His Parse EP is so utterly beautiful, incredible and joyful that it has an immediate immersive effect on me as a lover of melodies that come from a kind hearted soul who clearly had placed all its passion and love behind it.

The opening of this freely available release is one of utter compositional classiness! It immediately felt like being wonderfully touched in a way that only great music could do. It’s not just the sheer love and dedication that had gone in here that can clearly be felt, but also the main musical progression that twirls around like an angelic orchestrated angel that had came down from the heavens to bring us all the joy of incredible understanding in the shapes of an amazingly grand vision of pure melodies.

My rambling words could never do Parse justice, but somehow I hope that my enthusiasm jumps on top of you so you too want to hear this goodness. Its like the happy feeling of falling in a lovely love, one in which stars align to blind you with stunning goodness. It’s not just the perfect composition that Alan Morse Daves had gifted the world here, it’s also how it is executed. The sounds are of a top notch quality, as if he had arranged a great mini orchestra to execute his vision of heartwarming music.

This is the music that the world needs right now, the sounds of passionate melodies all interestingly knitted through each other in order to form one big wholeness that is generous in all it’s forgiving kindheartedness. The second composition couldn’t be more fitting to hear this month, as it is titled ‘March’ and will utterly move a melodically sensitive person to a stream of tears. It’s like a warm scarf that the artist had knitted for us to keep warm and comfortable, with warm tones and bright sun rays to keep the cold away.

The lengthy work named Belgium feels like an intriguing holiday in which Alan Morse Daves makes the country of beers, chocolates and cigarettes into an exotic adventure, one in which intriguing things will play out behind the windows of the Belgium houses, things that we could only guess about as we try to peek into them from a musical point of view. Cute people dance like puppets, rattling snakes crawl in terrariums as pets, erotic belly dancing by the multi cultural folk is done on the interestingly stimulating rhythms that the composer feeds to the ears of anyone who wants to hear and live it. Luxurious people of fairytale origins Wade through the lighted rooms as we sneak peek in on our imaginations combined with the movie-worthy soundtrack directed by Alan Morse Daves. I think I’m in love. Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone who makes such incredible music?

At the end there is Delta Stomp, which feels like the perfect way to end this apparently stunning piece of an release. Here the producer inserts the right beats with the happy go lucky feel good melodies to make this the cheerful finale to feel all smiley about. We dance here while the composing producer has fun with the production, making it an happy ending in which the album credits could perfectly scroll down with. The best kept secret in the music world even inserts some happy electric galore to be sure to hit all the pleasurable boxes that a surprised listener could possible wish for!
Really amazing, smart, beautiful, interesting and super fun!

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