Gary Numan

Gary Numan.

Yes, let that name sink in as that’s the name of a music pioneering legend not to be taken lightly. If there are any new generations out there that might not have heard of Gary Numan than please do go on a googling journey and emerge yourself with this king of industrial synth pop galore. His style is recognizable from miles away, tremendously influential and yet you rarely hear him in the upper ground media. I just started to follow him on twitter, a platform that made one of my heroes into a human being, generously kind and down to earth we could follow him on his now done tour, going on wintersport with his family and being a proud father.

I remember getting sucked into Gary Numan’s work by a true Gary Numan fan. He was browsing every vinyl shop in the Netherlands in order to fulfill his dream of getting the entire Gary Numan discography in his possession. Naturally I followed him a bit around and got intrigued by the imagery as depicted on the albums that he bought so enthusiastically. He talked about Gary Numan as if he was possessed by him and his music. I remember the guy’s name, a certain ‘Fabian’ who certainly stayed away from drugs and booze as all his money went to Gary Numan’s collectibles. He was definitely addicted though, but I guess addicted to Gary Numan’s music certainly won’t kill or harm a person; in fact thanks to his enthusiasm I had a short taste of that addiction myself. How could I not?

As a curious person I simply had to know what drove this super fan, what was behind these artworks as depicted on the vinyls that he had to have.. slowly but surely I dipped my toes into the music, first full skeptic carefulness as it was so different, such a sound I had never heard before! I approached it how an alien would approach unknown territory, but soon I slipped into it and felt it, over and over again. Gary Numan’s great vocal style and voice, unique synth and guitars sounds – haunting melodies, a futuristic gothic upbeatness that felt like the voice of reason, someone who understood all and that even the biggest nobody could sing along along with. It is and was great.

Of course the super fan and me aren’t the only ones in this world that liked what they heard as Gary Numan’s music is loved by people all over the globe. Not just listeners but also people who like to make music themselves too. This results in many sharing their love for Gary Numan by doing covers of his original tracks. Shit loads of artists have covered his mega hit ‘Cars’ and I almost thought to dive into a car and discuss quite a lot of them. But while doing a bit of research I became overwhelmed by the many Cars versions out there. Instead I thought to do it a bit different and make this post about Gary Numan and his music making fans that made tracks named Gary Numan. It’s still pretty much lots of material to go through, but more contained to a certain extent.

Why would we give attention to the Gary Numan tracks? I think it’s not only interesting, it’s also a nice ‘thank you gift’ for the music making artists that had taken the time to make these ‘Gary Numan’ tunes + of course as a way to show our devoted love to the legendary legend ‘Gary Numan’ himself. If you read this mister Numan; we love you! And thank you for your music and all the inspiration!

Now let’s take a look at some of these other ‘Gary Numans’:

ps – Gary Numan
This Gary Numan is a fine drone work, the openings track on an album called ‘self doubt mountain’ that is apparently full of legendary names. The Gary Numan over here feels like a cold, yet still warm breathe of air. With a soft undertone that feels like it’s made to be heard on headphones.

Pumba – Gary Numan
The Gary Numan gets a Argentinian sound thanks to Pumba, it’s clearly a case of Gary Numan love; we can hear the prominent synth sounds, steady rock coldness and the artist singing in its native language like a fan from the highest order. It’s a tribute that does the Gary Numan name an honor.

Monsoons – Gary Numan
This Gary Numan by the Monsoons is nice and raw, it’s a hint of ‘Cars’ that gets all roughened up into a deconstructive head banger of work. It sounds as if it had been recorded on a potato in a basement and that’s just the way we out to like it!

black reindeer – Gary Numan
This Gary Numan is also an opener on an actually really nice album named the ole piano, one in which a hammered piano team up with beats that throughout clearly feel influenced by the music of the actual Gary Numan. It got a beautiful vibe and feel, very emotional, alienated, real and human. It’s great actually!

Steve Oliver – Gary Numan
This Gary Numan is a bit of an odd one in this mix, yet also one that ends on a very flattering note to Gary Numan himself. It’s like listening to a reporter reporting a small textual draft on ‘the king’ which is probably nice to hear if you are Gary Numan himself (a good review!) or a supportive fan who wishes the man nothing but good words!

Pumba – Gary Numan – grumis megamix
Yep, nothing wrong yet with your memory if you thought that we had already spoke about this Gary Numan by Pumba, but there are some remixes of this track too and they are quite something. This grumis megamix is one them worth a mention as the featured female vocals seems to elevate the original into something like a communal ‘batman’ worthy theme track for the entire family. How nice!

Zoom – Gary Numan
This is a cool tribute named Gary Numan but probably should have been titled Cars, but as Cars will always be interlinked with Gary Numan ‘the mistake’ might simply be forgiven. Zoom rocks out here with this cover, rambling tightly like a bolster full of energy that is ready to explode into a fun sounding mayhem! Here is where the action is at!

Hamnet – Gary Numan
This Gary Numan is part of an entire ‘Gary Numan – the soundtrack album by Hamnet. Who must be a Gary Numan fan as otherwise why would anyone make an entire Gary Numan the soundtrack? It’s quite the achievement, great for a backdrop of a theatric show depicting the ups and downs and back up again life cycle of our ‘are our friends electric’ hero. It’s a great album and a nice tribute; the Gary Numan track itself is rather short, a bit as if we are inside the man’s head – having lots of ideas rolling around – thinking about the next tunes while jamming around with an electric guitar on top of a electric drumkit.. a little odd but a big hooray for experimentation!

Pony Time – Gary Numan
Last but not least we have this wonderful Gary Numan by Pony Time, which is a really great and much fun tune with original lyrics, big beats and nice distortion. It is the Gary Numan you would put on for a dance party around the living room. The perfect Gary Numan to play for an festive good time – with or without an actual pony!

Thanks Gary Numan and all the other Gary Numans!
We send you love! ❤

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