Global Goon – Vatican Nitez

Artist: Global Goon
Title: Vatican Nitez
Keywords: IDM, electronic, braindance
Label: Rephlex

We get accused of being one of these blogs who stick exclusively to the underground, never poking our faces in the above for a good old documentary on what had reached the masses music-wise. Because we like to be extremely unpredictable, here is some attention to Global Goon. Yes it’s no Lady Gaga, Madonna, U2 or anything else in that genre level, but it still seemed to have kindly crossed the borders of the underground into the scenes of the light mainstream. So Global Goon it is and in particularly randomly written love for the 2002 Global Goon album named Vatican Nitez. Why? And why now?

Why not?

It’s a nice album, even if it had been released ages ago on the Rephlex label, it still doesn’t seems to feel aged to me, as it is still able to tickle the senses of modern music technology, of enjoyable beat programming, humming voices and melodies that are pleasurable in the entertainment kind of ways. I would say that if you don’t like this album, there is simply something wrong with you, it just got so many pleasurable sounds, pretty notes and intellectually big bangers that it should keep an global audience of earth inhabiting inhabitants confidently happy and occupied.

Spacious synth sounds and baselines that twirl around like best friends in an musicologist’s wet dream, that’s how nice the music of Global Goon is on Vatican Nitez. I wonder though why it is called Vatican Nitez? Maybe Global Goon got inspired by a sleepless pope one day and created this album in its honor? There is probably an interview out there with Global Goon answering questions of such an ordeal, but ain’t nobody got time for that… besides me who else cares? With music that is so good & so greatly received in the upper ground levels as well as the underground, it’s only fair to recognize that when this one was dropped upon the world, everything just became a bit more friendlier, Global Goon’s material made electronic music fall of its robotic futuristic chair of soullessness to bring back humanness, including hearts and souls in to the mix.

It’s like listening to a light person’s wish that wishes you all the best, had nothing but goodness for its listeners and doesn’t seem to come in with a lot of baggage. No pressure of political points, no opinions, no peer pressure to do certain things – Global Goon just made an album that felt like the one that could play at any occasion, for any kind of crowd or individual. Never ignorant or annoying, no track that dances in your face to drive you crazy; it was all a reasonable innovative fun one that could cater to sleepily relaxing individuals as well as slow dancers that are happy with a beat to move upon. There might be no big hits, no tracks that had it in them to be the number ones in the world, but as an instrumental album it certainly had (and still has) all the qualities to be the choice of all that need an half hour of electronically powered entertainment.

I don’t know where you could get this album, if there is any legal link I could cough up for you that would benefit the lifestyle of Global Goon, but I’m sure that if you don’t have ‘Vatican Nitez’ in your possession you’ll be smart enough to get it somehow… if it isn’t now, than probably one day in the near future. It will be your friend – so please don’t forget about it!

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