Linda Alley – Untitled Male Dark Elf Responses (EP)

Artist: Linda Alley
Title: Untitled Male Dark Elf Responses (EP)
Keywords: noise, lobit, avant-garde
Label: Sub65

Sometimes the music that you will find very interesting isn’t sounding at first sight much like music at all. Take this brand new release on the Sub65 netlabel for example: if you hear it, you could imagine the confusion of anyone diving into it, especially for the lot who had come from a upper ground top fourthy live style; this might be the kind of album difficult to grasp and yet when fully settled in, with open mind and a clear conscious; there is suddenly a define case of interesting music to be caught and find. It’s very druggy in this case, or let’s say it’s very outstanding in its artistic style , as after all we are a family oriented ‘music’ blog.

Yeah, music is there but it’s more that overall feel of untouchability, the sound situation of ultimate vagueness that brings the intriguing appeal along here. Everything becomes big and voluminous like the soundtrack of a movie in which a lot is happening & yet we have no idea what it is exactly. With snippets of classical music we got remembered that this isn’t noise but an smirky composed work that gives the gift of being an abstract trip into somewhere previously unknown.

Personally It made me feel in general as if we had sneaked in to a private bathroom of a church, a place to hide out and spy on the holy worshippers in their own natural habitats of fluffy fuzz and buzz. The bathroom sounds equipped with an electric toothbrush as it could clearly be heard doing its work without being inside a mouth, adding greatly to the strange weirdness of it all. Even reading this might make you cough up many question marks. But that’s alright, music like this is stimulating, evokes questionable questions & probably more so than a visit to any random museum,

You might suddenly receive the dangerous walks of beauty, tumbling down the hallway as we lay our ears out in the spying session. Things rumble around every corner, do come at you as they bounce between the experimental non existing bathroom walls, the zone in which music could be caught echoing through the gothic hallways. A gassy vibe of a not working toilet might taint the sound with bonus mysteriousness. Things are strange, noises flubber like sweetness in a cloudy coffee, bugs might come down from the ceiling to add to the avant-garde vibrations; it’s a trip that cannot be described or contained.

We might as well wipe our hands well with toilet roll paper while we hang out in the exciting yet semi relaxing ambience of a vague peeping Tom experimentation. We could hear here and there some voices but non of them are offering any explanation. The evil laughter that we encounter might be the item where nightmares are made out from, but other than that it’s a work of sheer absurd surrealism in which nothing can be foreseen or predicted, only that bathroom sound seems to keep the whole lot together. It’s the music that sounds like a tripped out trip but I’m not quite sure if it’s a bad or a good one; it’s simply one that cannot be controlled, described or explained. You just got to check it out for yourself if you’d wish to do that. You can do so over here:

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