We joined a Babylon streaming service

In case you might think… oh my goodness! It’s been silent at YIKIS for at least two days.. how can we survive? Where can I read freshly typed favorite ‘reviews’ and discover all the mad ‘music’ without this blog in operational mode?

I know, I know.. it’s reason to become emerged in anxiousness! Trust me, even I am anxious and self aware of this struggle. But somehow we have dug ourself a creative hole in which golden nuggets of music (or sound?) are blinking in our view to be dug up, harvested and made into pretty things.. in other words, all the reviewing and listening to all these incredible talented musicians and noise makers have functioned as a great source for inspiration that now suddenly as an unstoppable volcano has to come to life in the shape of ‘music’. In this case it’s the people like me, who basically got run over by YIKIS, sucked out of all my blood and time; to make some audio things myself..

Others also have suffered a similar fate. Like our honest writing reviewer Caffeinate who is next to celebrating his secret birthday party (among all the non birthday-parties) had also been in the zone of creation again. You could hear and get his album over at the always excellent Cian Orbe netlabel, which also is the kind new host of a Covolux baby of mine. Oh those babies, aren’t they the cutest? Alex Spalding had been on a roll too, of course cashed in big time with his successful Toxic Chicken music game tracks in album form, a big load of chip tune works that the real Toxic Chicken (which might be me?) is still recovering from with an sheer case of flabbergastingly overwhelming emotion.

In any case, don’t worry… YIKIS isn’t dead, we are all just busy making some things thanks to you all and that never ending input of inspiration. We get this beast back up in no time – don’t worry!

But in the mean time, if you don’t want to browse to an alternative source / blog etc. (they are out there but they do not suck as we do of course!) I wanted to invite you to two things; either discover music in our Wild database of well written music propaganda by pressing the ‘random’ link on the side menu.. you will be surprised what you have missed / or will (re)discover. From totally shit to amazingly amazing!

Alternatively we have some kind of new thing going on.. it’s a bit crazy as I’m proud of it, enjoy it aswell.. yet it is on a Babylonian platform that is actually a bit against my personal beliefs… so I’m feeling proud and shamefulness at the same time when announcing this part of the happening. But yeah I know Spotify sucks, but what doesn’t suck is the now incredible

Yeah I know it sucks playlist!

It’s basically filled with an enormous collection of music that would suit the idea of Yeahiknowitsucks being a radio show. There is no talking (except when the music talks and of course those terrible annoying Spotify adds that pop up every half an hour..) but other than that it’s a fine collection of mostly fun, happy, crazy, weird, cool, eccentric, great, outsider, rarities, oddities, brilliancies and whatnot!

Probably hundreds of hours of amazements and entertainment, from legendary singer songwriters like BJ Snowden & R. Stevie Moore, to fun electronic heroes, old and new, established or dusted away in obscurity. all fitting together for a whirlwind of mind blowing discoveries! I like to listen to them, from Avant-garde, comedy, out of the box amazements and top notch bewildering bewilderment! All carefully selected and hand picked to bring you the best – and human – creations towards your ears! So while you await impatiently our return, why not give this this a try?

There is no better reason to install that Babylonian thing that is unkind and unfair to artists that is Spotify…yeahiknowitsucks is the playlist that will make you happy 🙂

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