Orphax – Piano Music

Artist: Orphax
Title: Piano Music
Keywords: ambient experimental drone field recordings minimal psychedelic Amsterdam
Label: Moving Furniture

There is piano music and there is piano music. In the last category we have this lovely personal sounding works by Orphax. It’s piano music but not as the main mainstream knows it, in fact they might even be slightly confused by it when they try figuring out the compositions on this artist’s 7inch release. I had to write ‘release’ otherwise there could be a chance that we had been chatting about Orphax penis with piano scores written all over it. Not claiming that Orphax is small endowed but you know for comic relief I thought it would be funny to include this notion in this ‘review’.

The release is a typical case of devotional music that comes across as if it is channeled on the spot and recorded in one go. Knowing this artist, I have the slight feeling to doubt this hinge, as there might be a huge change that he had spend many hours getting it al right, fully focused on all the details and with an excellent eye on the sheer sound design of it all. Our favorite ambienteer simply seems to be the kind of person who doesn’t do anything rushed, an delicate ant fucker who has put many hours and devotion into his own work, so even though this sounds like it’s improvised; it might as well be an execution of something that is extremely well thought through in its composing ways.

Orphax made everything sound like a blissful drone, still kindly having the tonal artifacts of the piano down as the rightful aesthetic, but avoiding the hard sound of the ivory piano keys in the recording. A thing that I believe is quite nice, a choice of sound that comes across nice and bendy, as if it is well lubed for a gracious intake through our raw ears. Even if in ‘Elisabeth’ (one of the names of these two compositions) has a tiny sniff of recognizable piano bits in it, the kind that you could actually imagine Orphax’s fingers sliding over the playable interactive piano side. It’s all very nice and kinda cute actually. It didn’t touch me on an emotional level but musically it felt very devoted and personal. An intimate release that would be nice to have for anyone who likes the music to be kind and flowing out like a sweet harmless cloud of piano tones.

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