Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Departure 2019 (Live Set for Phantom Circuit)

Artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
Title: Departure 2019 (Live Set for Phantom Circuit)
Keywords: ep experimental ambient classical collage electronic industrial instrumental live New Orleans

I have heard nothing but good things about Phantom Circuit, yet I have still not managed to get to the bottom of it. What or who is Phantom Circuit? Other than it is clearly pushing the best out of the music makers that I adore musically and admire artistically. Quimper and Petunia-Liebling Macpumpkin all seemed to be on the Phantom Circuit radar, but now also another favorite artist among artists of personal flavor ‘Elizabeth Joan Kelly’ seems to have crossed this Phantom & as always it seems to have delivered something great! In fact I was quite flabbergasted when I saw that Phantom Circuit stimulated Elizabeth to do a live recording of her works named Departure, Club Clanger and Beau Travail… if they don’t seem to ring a bell in your head; maybe it’s time to check out Elizabeth Joan Kelly and get your music taste sorted! Whoops! Didn’t wanted to sound intimidating or aggressive over here … but you know, it’s frustrating as her music is so good I just want the whole world to know about it. What am saying? I mean the entire universe!

But I guess with Phantom Circuit on board of pushing her sounds out into the open, it won’t take long for songs like Departure, Club Clanger and Beau Travail will be household names all over the globe… in sure of it as everything that gets picked up by Phantom Circuit is a guaranteed road to success and lots of love by true music lovers. I act that I’m unaware what Phantom Circuit is, but of course I secretly know.. I just don’t want to listen as I’m aware that it’s great enough for me to close down my writing activities as yeah I know it sucks and just listen the whole day to whatever Phantom Circuit is pushing… it’s greatly dangerous yet helpful – as I want these artists to become as legendary like blob Marley… or was his name Bob?

In any case thanks to Phantom Circuit and of course Elizabeth Joan Kelly we could now enjoy the three songs performed live & recorded & stored on the artist her bandcamp account! A reason to cheer and be blessed by as now I could even hear them without having to conquer the fear of losing myself in the world of Phantom Circuit…

It’s starts with Departure, which might indeed be the fitting start of this pleasant ordeal of lively played music. It’s here that the music rattles around like a kind engine of unspecific electronic origin, one that caters Elizabeth Joan Kelly’s voice like a space fairy that had been made for the glorious mission. She sings beautifully warm and kind, as if her vocals are channeled from another world in which everything is better, healthier and sane. The synth melody seems to acknowledge this all by underlining the whole ordeal like a seal of approval.

Club Clanger live is as playful as it is hauntingly daunting. With a delicious cabinet of a quirky rattling ticking session of percussions of sheer mystery, kicking around like a stimulating stimulant that is on a mission that won’t go on a roundabout for confusion and delay – but goes on a road forwards into a future in which robots and machineries have replaced hard working drummers so Elizabeth Joan Kelly don’t need to carry them around on the many world tours she will have! She sings wordlessly like a magical spell on top, riding all the old fans into bliss and converting new listeners into loyal groupies.

Groupies need this!

The live version of Beau Travail is just as outstanding as the non live version. Things flow quietly backwards to induce the mysterious enigma of a colorful case of magical witchcraft. It seems to recall sounds of the past, of forgotten memories, of a deity that is choosing electro acoustics as the communication choice.
After a while Elizabeth Joan Kelly brings in the happy go lucky piano line and a banging beat that listens away like a joyful biscuit of an alien arrangement. You could hear the love, the alien that you wish to adopt, stroke, wrap in a blanket and place in a bicycle basket while cycling into the moon! It has that savory vibe of survival, strength and jolliness that will leave a listener elevated and in good spirits!

You could get these wonderful versions of these songs on limited tape, or indeed get the digital version (if out of stock) … or be less than a coward and check out the entire Phantom Circuit episode featuring this performance and much more…
but let’s not get confused link-wise & get your finger to click on the following link for instant gratification:

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