Outside The Glitch – Outside The Glitch

Artist: Outside The Glitch
Title: Outside The Glitch
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

With subtle kindness this lovable world opens up its arms, embracing every visitor with warmth and love, feeding it the sweet sounds of a pleasantly warm welcome. It’s so natural and kind that you don’t even notice that you are not in your body costume any more. It’s the place in which all our souls are accepted and credit cards won’t be allowed. It’s here that organic synths sing in the air like angels who blow their turbulent horns of joy. Things rattle and crack like a leather jacket worn by a caring mother that had adopted you as one of her children. You can almost smell her, even though as body less souls we have no nose to sniff.

The cozy comfort levels are on a highky leveled scale that even the gigantic floating jellyfish encounter seems so harmless, instantly conquering the famous jellyfish phobia by looking at it from a more natural perspective, one that probably had come from the underwater world cheerfully to bring its cool stepping rave minimalism to the surface. How kind is that? The jellyfish might not have hands, but plenty of tentacles to spin its records, dropping those steady beats and here and there showcases an slimy dance move that we could be jealous about. But we as flowing souls have no such things as jealousy, or abilities to dance – we are free in this wonderful space.

We are so intrigued by the love bomb that is the sound that we had found outside the glitch, so much so that when the apocalypse actually happens, we will be kindly taken out by it for a flavorful dinner among the heavens above. Pure angels play their strings, stroking their instruments as they too greet us on their flying clouds. The voice of a super being, let’s call it ‘mother nature’ comes over to whisper subtle things in to our ears while our humbled souls are saved, cherished, praised and stored for future development.

It’s here that we will be educated about the powerful act of subtlety by the heaven itself, making the inner ears crackle for a rhythmic beat that will spice up the mystery land like an pulse from the heart. Even though as souls that experience the out of body moment to great extent over here, we still engage in moving our Phantom finger up and down to follow the pleasant rhythms of love. Once you have been outside the glitch you wouldn’t want to go back into the glitch!

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