various artists – New Weird Australia, Vox

Artists: various
Title: New Weird Australia, Vox
Keywords: experimental, Australia

New weird Australia? Has it ever been normal than? Anyway, all sarcasm aside, I tuned in and heard & thought indeed weird things. Who are all those weirdoes and why did they start to make music? Didn’t they have kiwis to eat and kangaroo fights to attend? … nah in all honesty I wasn’t surprised at all that there is much weirdness going on in Australia, just felt quite surprised that so much of it had flown under neath my radar, especially because it was purely installed to track down weirdo musics… anyway, here is my wall through of this collection, do you want to join me?

Kusum Normoyle – Octopus

First of all, there was this madness going on. Someone screaming through a megaphone, probably going a little bit berserk and yet the beeping noises of microphones and speakers conflicting with each other felt pretty much like a smooth sensitive carpet for the vocal chords to be violently laid upon. I don’t know why my weirdo meters didn’t ring the alarm bells ages ago – but it’s definitely odd!

Paul Heslin – Young Girls And Cigarettes

This one was more groovy, sounding like matching matches and washing-boards teaming up with some sensible yoga backdrops. You know, the kind of ambient music that is on one side relaxing and on the other side it’s the right material to get of your seat and fall into a strange abnormal dance. I did the last thing and even used the instrumental ambient parts to showcase some very interesting dance moves. Nobody cared, but I guess that happens to the weirdest people among us..

Amanda Stewart – Residue

Oh yes, voices. As if the voices in my head weren’t enough, but the voices in this recording are pretty much lots better to hear. They come from all sides, properly seducing all stereo effects from all the facets of the recording studio, ready to penetrate my ears in all it’s tiptoeing ways. It’s poetic, yet I only hear dirty words like ‘big ass’ and ‘sip’ and histamine. I might be infected with slight insanity, but it’s so much better than the insane madness that my usual voices are tormenting me with. Weird it might be, but it’s also excellent!

The Deadly Nightshades – Dobro #1

It rained on their house all summer.. I don’t know, it sounds like a duet that is very pretty, yet the whole lyric bit are sounding pretty wetting. If it rained in Australia all through the summer on top of these musicians houses, I would rather stay away and make a different summer destination. Iceland perhaps… although that might be a bit cold? It got plenty of weirdoes though!

Kučka – Chinatown

Ah this sounds more tropical, with sweet little sounds and an Asian touch and feel this weird Australian music seems to make me go on some kind of holiday. You could come too! Ready to move into the land of the rising sun, of ice tea and parasols, exotic dancing in mystique temples that combine modern sounds with old relics. It’s so pleasant to hear, not weird at all; just utterly pleasant! Isn’t it weird to find such a thing on a compilation of weird music? I would say so!

Mimic Mass – Split Radio

This one starts with a little soft fuzz, some obscure hints of backwards music that seems to prosper properly in reverse. With enough sniffs of noises to make you itch your nose and feel kind of disoriented; what’s going on? What are we receiving? Is this the result of a badly connected radio owned by a kangaroo with artistic tendencies? Gosh, who knows… these wonderful weirdoes are simply unpredictable!

Holy Balm – Hand Over Fire

But here things just go fully Throbbing Thristle style, meeting the modern Australian sound hypnotizers that seem to aim at opening portals to different dimensions that we happy listeners could hopefully fall or fly through. It’s a psychologist’s wet dream. A utopia of rhythm , voice and psychedelic involvement! It also might be a first class ticked to the nearest looney house.

Major Napier – School Of Anxiety #2

Is everything okay? It’s not only the line that comes towards us when listening to this track, it’s also the right question that pops to mind to ask the creator of this work. This is severely personal, weird, eccentric.. it might be so weird that it won’t even fit the classification.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang – Vein

This sounds like waking up next to a crazy person without any recollection of how you got into bed with them in the first place. It’s a surprise, bit worrisome at it, but a fun surprise nonetheless!

Donna Hewitt – Drowning

Yep, this is a bit strange indeed. Music that feels as if we are drowning in massive waves. Strange creatures seem to be in these waves too, tumbling around like oddities that flubber around and mate with the seagulls to make sure they are slower to stay at the beach side.. I feel engaged by it, although in normal circumstances I would prefer not to drown in sound… how weird!

Sky Needle – Senator

Pfeww… yes. More weirdness available over here, twinning over the sensible lines of a desired insanity that might be so crazy that it could possibly tickle your fanciness. Voices song a song, i guess they sing about waking up, breaking up – something of this order – while an original oddity of sanitary senator lines get slipped in there for an happy go lucky bizarreness to put this act on the map of craziness.

Furchick – Angel Of My Dreams

Crazy as this audio maker might be, as honest as her, few will fly your way. The music tones are vocal orientated, sounding like an knitted ballet of odd togetherness that twinkle anyone sensible into a delirious mess, one in which we are placed in with wings as a bag-pack for ultimate flying heights. It’s here that the music compliments us as it kicks us of the building in the hope we might be able to fly ourselves.

Scissor Lock – Room Tape

with this calm track you’d probably float away, out of all of them this comes across as the sensible being of pure sound relaxation. I have my doubts of it being odd, weird or mental, but hey; what do i know? Things just twinkle around here. Becoming progressive ambient forms that feels like something that I would expect to be a delight to anyone who had been on magic mushrooms. Voices hum their special antics into the ears and all I can think of is how much better it is to hear this than having an physical massage.

Mosaic Mosaic – Brand New

This track is fun, friendly and kindly generous in the sense that it is functioning as the sensible calming spot on this weirdness compilation. The right sound to settle down and count our blessings that being weird isn’t such a weird thing after all!

ronnu panda – Brush

Here things might rattle, vocal things might even crack through the hearing range of normality, but oddly enough they all sound as if they bring us back into the realm of the scantily avant-garde zones of normality. If every person in Australia was like the music represented on this compilation it would be heaven for anyone who grows out a little bit taller than the other pieces of grass in the field.

Rabbit Island – My Own Private

A play between a lovely voice, fingers that wander over the keys of a piano and a ringing telephone that’s what the main ingredients of this beautiful track seem to be established off. This entire Rabbit Island packs us all in with a caring sound that sounds utterly nice and breathtaking in a positive way… not that it takes our breaths away and we end up lifeless, but more in a way that it gives us life. Not that it makes babies with us… but hmm let’s say this is just really nice music!

Juarez – Favourite

Forget laidbach’s favorite thing as the weirdest song that might have gutted your playlist… this last track on the enormous weird Australian compilation is pretty much far out there on the weird list. It’s not even a song, more a collage of voice and noise – loud enough to wake up a sleeping baby or to make a neighbor bang on the walls to convey us to keep it quiet.. this is the end of this collection, so if speakers will die here it’s all fine – at least we managed to hear a lot of these wonderful individuals doing what they seemingly loved to do; be themselves … which might be weird for the masses, I personally found them jolly good people!

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