Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish – Nervous Systems

Artists: Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish
Title: Nervous Systems
Keywords: asheville nc experimental massachusetts acoustic guitar free improvisation jazz Washington
Label: Verses Records

When I normally thought about nervous systems I saw them all tied in a knot, high on caffeine with no sensible idea of what they are doing, all rushing around like panicked little things that freak out like jubilant little rebels that screw everything up. But since I’ve taken this ‘nervous systems’ album by Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish out for walks & even listened to it while comfortably at a home situation – I started to see it all a bit differently.

Sure, the many compositions on this collaborative work might come across busy in many aspects, tickling and tickling away on the stringed instruments (known by many humans as ‘guitars’) through seven tracks that plinky ploink incredible into each other like a bunch of nerves rolling towards a panic attack… but strangely the hectic playfulness, the twinkling playing style had something over it that instead of poking me in the place of annoyance, it somehow was catering to me as a soothing collection of works that hooked into the high levels of personal anxiety and somehow managed to tranquilize this aspect of me as a troubled on the edge kind of listener..

I acknowledge that this is deeply personal, it might not apply to you as you are not me and I’m not you. But this is my blog post and not yours, my ears and my nervous nerves & notably my response to this fine listening experiences. But this is also my kind of music, as it seems to help
Me a great deal. If you have severe anxiousness or thoughts that go wildly berserk too, you really should try out if this album will make a difference to you too. It could be your potential blessing!

In a way (for me) this album could be seen as the alternative doctor, one that saves us from submitting to medications to stay calm, as somehow the itchy feelings of ‘there is something nonstop happening ‘ within this music seems to have the ability to hook on to our own unstable nervousness and makes it all feel alright. As if it understands each others language, making tge walks among many crowds of people seem to be no reasons at all to shoot into a panic, turning me from a nerve wreck into a seemingly stable sane person. Great!

As long as the music by Wendy and Shane kept slapping it’s strumming quirkiness into my ears I could face the world just like any other moral human being could do! This is no bullshit, but an album of wildly played guitar craziness that somehow slipped into my own crazy nervousness where it made friends in a celebratory case of seemingly mutual understanding. It was understood, not alone anymore and the world around me became a much more tolerable place. So yes, that was what this music did to me and perhaps could do to you too. In any case it’s definitely worth the try!

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