Thanatopraxia – The Worm In The Apple

Artist: Thanatopraxia
Title: The Worm In The Apple
Keywords: alternative experimental stoner metal minimalism Champigny Sur Marne

You might recognize the face, you might even recognize the prominent voice and the very distinctive sound of music; yet I refrain from mentioning the previous project that this artist had been active under – after all it’s a new name and a brand new start!

So let’s pretend we are clueless, listening to this creator as if it’s the very first time to do so. How exiting! Wiping out the brain before hearing the release with a fresh open mind!

Oh yes, this is done with enough heavy guitar that comes across as super overexposed with enough distortion to fry a chicken leg in. The voice of a human being is draped underneath it, clean cut as if unfazed by the tremendous sea sawing loudness. The show continues with the guitar going in a higher tone, the voice in a sinister style waving around like a low fidelity satanist trapped in a bedroom.

For four pieces we can here the newly reestablished artist exploring his tool of the trade. Like an angry neighbor that likes to chop off all the trees in the garden just so they fall over on the next door’s house.
There are some drums, but they seem to be completely brushed away by the glorious guitar sound.

The worm in the apple seems to be the euphoric case of the artist entering a new path, going on in full swing on the last track to make sure we hear the madness unfold. I only wonder if the album title refers to an actual worm in an actual apple or that it’s a modern thing, like a computer virus in an Apple Mac computer… I guess this artist, wether new name or in the old one / he never seizes to cough up valuable question marks!

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