unfolded memories – loss

Artist: unfolded memories
Title: loss
Keywords: ambient contemporary art ambient electronic art drone emotional evocative loss meditative melancholia pop Berlin

Unfolded Memories flows it’s way in on this album named Loss. They do this in a simple synthesizer style, just creepily crawling along to establish a certain environment into the ears that brings us the soundtrack for the uncertain times. Taking the scars by the hand and show them gently the door.

This is the zone in which distant melodies roam around like sad thoughts, voices of brand names are spoken out as if they are losing their cultural values, thoughts of yesterday are slowly erased and sentimental moods are settled in through gentle minimal forms. It’s like a surgical removal but in melodic form.

The mood at first is kind but grim, as if your mind had been slowly erased, wiped out by a damp cloth of slow motion mellowness. Everything is aiming at you to settle down, to accept the lack of thoughts. We got to live in the know as life has no meaning, yet the music implies that we got to move on and keep on living. A fair thing, as we haven’t come on this planet for nothing; best make the most out of it.

Maybe this EP is like a spring cleanup; all bad thoughts, lousy business that had been stockpiled in a depressive head is now cleaned out, as if it made space for the music to fill it up again with a soft pallet of minimalism, the kind that gives new hopes for a prominent future. One in which love and being loved is a kind factor of mental support, with music in cminor that will hold our hand when we need it the most. Or simply when time gets tough…

At the end we hear the tragic death of the genius Alexander McQueen, it is here that it feels like the music has cleaned all the sadness up and proceeded to have given enough strength, the tight amount so that when this soundtrack of tragedy arrives we are all well prepared, stronger and tearless. We can do this, we can move on and use our emotional ballast as a shield instead of a weapon of self destruction.

It’s funny that a relatively relaxing ambient release like this seems to make us stronger, educate us in new found mental stability. But I would say, let’s take this new found knowledge nit for granted and share this life saver of a release among the most vulnerable and friends and family; we all could use a piece of this!

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