TAKAHIRO MUKAI – Paraponera Clavata

Title: Paraponera Clavata
Keywords: experimental acid ambient drone electro electronica glitch industrial japan noise osaka post-rock synth techno Newcastle Upon Tyne
Label: Cruel Nature Records

Hi! Just here to inform you that your shoe laces are untied! … better sort that out before you fall over and break your neck..

Oh yep that’s right it’s the first of April again. The time of jokes, pranks and co. But here we are, all serious listening to this release of music by a certain TAKAHIRO MUKAI. Expect abstract ‘techno’ in audible form and a load of bizarre descriptions here in text by yours truly! Have fun!

This album starts with a combo ic electronics and acoustics that seems to tickle each other like excited chickens in their free range farm space. You could hear them pecking sounds from the floor, hopping around and placing their beaks into places previously unexplored. You could feel their feathers, hear their steps as they explore their semi freedom. You can hear them cockle their throats as they parade by through the scenery, delivering the oddest music possible – laying the kind of eggs that you must have & so much wanted to eat!

At the second face we can hear multiple fax machines and old school modems next to a pond in the nearby park, all rattling lovely like hacked lunatics in the relaxed environment in which the biggest highlight usually is left to people feeding the ducks. They explore a certain harmony together; old fashioned technology and the chilled out zone in the park – all as one for a beloved time together.

#210 is the sound happening of someone flapping around a gigantic bit of paper for the ultimate techno soundvsensation. The rhythm of the flapping is contagious, especially when it gets spiked up with a shaking steady backdrop pulse. Hmm so tasty!

#212 is the sound of the ant on the front cover, exploring like a warrior the grounds like a tough explorer honoring its queen. You could hear the fellow’s borg-like data communications as the legged insect roams around in order to work, find food and dig holes. Always done with steady pass and determination – nothing will stop this kind hard working individual.

#209 is the combination of squatting wet new ducklings. Washing their feathers in the river as an electric alarm clock rings it’s way through the natural scenery. A robot seems to bubble along too – probably counting how many ducklings are there & if the water temperature is still optimal and in good condition.

#211 is the sound of determination of a shaking tale by the coolest bird in town. Flapping fat feet walk on the Stoney surface for a nice echo between the walls around them. The bird is proud, fearless and out there to conquer the grooves.

#218 might be the time to surf on wobbling waves, nice and round, wobbly with the sound of a horn of a steamboat passing through. A little surfer comes along in a feathered costume, twinkling around in its anti wetness bodysuit for a show of its skills.

All the way at the end we can hang our heads into the world of micro bugs, bouncing around on spiderwebs, while contagious frogging frogs delivers a delicious sound of stimulating croaking sounds. The jumps of the bugs are like yoyo toys as they go up and down as if gravity plays with them playfully along. It’s a happy scene and everybody involved seems nice and bumpy! Maybe some colorful parrots pass the revue as well!

In any case it might be a good idea to check this album out over here:

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