Rewire 2019 – Day 2

Here we are at day 2 of the Rewire festival.

Let us get the bad stuff out of the way first; this was the last day we could attend the festival due to personal circumstances. Nothing bad 😉


Playing in the small room at Paard (called Paard II) was CURL. Maybe you can best describe them as a blend between Death Grips, Genesis and Rage against the machine. The first for the experimental hiphop flavour, the second for the singing drummer and the third for their violence in their voices.

Too bad we could only hear the music from the back of the room, because it was so damn crowdy.

Julia Holter Duo

In the larger room (Paard I) played Julia Holter with someone of who I forgot his name. Kidding, it was Tashi Wada (she called his name like 10 to the power of 93480257094877 times).

The performance was amazing! One of the better light shows we had seen this far. The music was only performed once in this setting, so no one will ever feel the tenderness of the tracks played on a piano with a bit of synth support by the guy who was with her but of who I forgot his name.

julia holter duo.jpg

Julia Holter Duo gave both an amazing light and an amazing visual show.

Puce Mary

I’m sorry I could not attend your probably awesome show.
Their was a line outside The Grey Space.
Everybody wanted to see you.
I asked the secutiry if I could go in and take some pictues, but it was too crowded.
Please Puce, if you read this, forgive me.
All our love, and PE 4ever!


As I said in the announcement Low=Low=Low. Well was I in for a treat!

Apperently they have gone from slowcore to more noise based music.

This performance was outstanding, with a NOISE WALL of 15 minutes. Unfortunately not everyone could stand so much noise and one girl even fainted behind me.

Just listen to their latest record and be inspired!

Jessica Pratt

After LOW we went to the Lutherse Kerk to have a nice seat for the event I was waiting for the last couple of months. But first there was Jessica Pratt.

She played pretty easy singersongwriter tunes with a bit of a sad heart to it. The most notable feature of her performance was her Dolly Parton style of singing and voice. Another was her kindness.

She brought a guy with her who had to go to another performance early, so he left her alone on stage for the final song. That’s not really how a guy needs to behave near a lady, right?


William Basinski & Lawrence English

And here we are, at the pinnacle of my festivalist this year!

At every festival there are a couple of things you will remember beside the performances and shows. This year at Rewire it where the massive amount of people and the falling beerbottles in the Lutherse Kerk.

Before WB and LE (we’ll call them this for short) began, WB asked the audience not to kick against a beerbottle becuase that echoes around the entire place. Luckely none fell. Well that’s not true, about 10 fell. And when you’re listening (some people where laying on the floor and probably sleeping) to such a amazing soundscape, even the click of my camera sounded like an airplane flying ten feet above your head.

The performance itself can harldy be described. If it was due to daylight saving time or something else, everyone in the audience was captivated by it.


LE and WB

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