David Nadeau – Davidurgic Neadors: Playing David Nadeau’s Compositions

Artist: David Nadeau
Title: Davidurgic Neadors: Playing David Nadeau’s Compositions
Keywords: hardcore metal rock all other genres experimental electronic punk rock noise sound archives France
Label: Camembert Électrique

Earlier on we had a review up about the work of David David, but now it’s time for another David. I guess it’s unofficial David Day at Yeah I Know It Sucks. Happy David Day everyone!

All David David David jokes aside, this David over here is not just your average David. No this is David Nadeau and he is an author of a free downloadable book. It’s not your normal novel either, but a book of music. You could check it out and download over here – it will be handy if you have educated yourself in reading music notes as this book is one of piano scores! The great thing of David Nadeau’s ‘Partitions pour piano’ are the titles of many of these compositions. A lot of it is in French, but things like ‘two chopsticks and a mixing bowl’ , ‘attached to a frying pan and a butter knife’ and of course ‘the egg hatches at dawn’ are the eye witnesses of a good sense of experimental humor.

I guess David Nadeau didn’t wanted to make this book for nothing, so he invited a whole collection of musicians that surprisingly (after all it’s David’s Day today!) have different names than David. These music makers have taken on the special task to interpret some of the scores that David Nadeau had written & this release here is basically the result… it’s one hour worth of music, so you might want to buckle up and let it play as the soundtrack of David Day.

It starts with The Bim Prongs throwing in the fantastic chopsticks in a mixing bowl. It’s a fantastic interpretation and it sounds quite amazing if I might say so. It’s like a colorful rattling sensation that mixes the sound of a new age soundbath more into the extraordinary realms of hardcore avant-garde action. Apparently the mixing bowl is a great sounding gong too, although it must be said; lots of kudos have to go the The Bim Prongs as the sound of audio manipulations is top notch. When voices are coming slivering in, it’s like a sexy sensual encounter that makes chopsticks and mixing bowls severely erotic. Who would have thought that this could be possible? In the end a hilly billy piano few good piano gets thrown in for a quick celebration… i think i’m not only aroused, I might also be in love!

The next interpretation is done by Frank Audiffret who takes the composition ‘la schola de beauport’ under its wing. This results in a cozy yet maniacal sounding cuteness, friendly twinkles like little stars. Mad cartoonish progressions, shaking shakers, some sweet noises. It’s a strange mixture that in all it’s business seems to hook me up to a zone in which this could be played to hyper active babies to calm them down to induce sleepy times.

Than there is Lavie Chabon who does ‘un fluide irradie l’univers connu’ which gets molded in a strange satisfying style in which Tommy and Jerry chasing each other style meet up with moments in which they would romantically lay in each other arms for an expression of love and deranged cuddling. It’s kinda weird, but in a understandable way.

After it comes The Hauchzart Ensemble who reworked the piano music of David Nadeau. This is like diving into a acid trip induced through piano music that meats up with electronic bits and blobs. A croaky crackling slow drum and here and there some highlights to keep your sanity at bay is all that you have to not sink away in the psychedelic powers that the piano notes now seem to have obtained. My eyes became like hypnotized circles when hearing this; it’s like going to the headshop for legal highs, but than you don’t need to go anywhere and just listen to music.

Oliver Nadeau (related to David Nadeau?) goes for the frying pan and butter knife interpretation. I’m so happy to hear that it wasn’t an literal interpretation of the piece it’s title, but had been taken seriously with melodies that felt friendly and adventurous. It had become a wonderful creation of music, one that I loved the most so far and really seems to honor the family name a great deal! Beautifully light and dreamy.

To compensate this MUWN does David Nadeau’s Holographic Corridor III. This is (sorry to say) proper nightmare material. The piano is absolutely nervous, as if it’s the music expression of someone being extremely paranoid, looking like a scared mouse fully in over acting mood, checking crazily in all the corners to see if a shadow might have followed him or her.

But maybe this mouse was right as Wilfried Hanrath (featuring Humanfobia) seem to bring the ghost to meet the piano music. But as soon as you think that might be it, the music changes and going for an adventurous avant-garde blurb in which the notes jump all out of the speakers. The haunting voice feels like the right fitting match to balance it all out.

Yann Pillas bring Davidurgic Neadors Ardemix to the collection, a work that feels like a mysterious mystery, one in which dreams and nightmares seem to hang out with each other in an equal fashion. Piano notes gets crushed in the backdrop, electronic manipulations lure us in a semi layer of the subconscious mind. Things can be friendly or scare at the very same time. An expression of yin and yang that keeps you alert from start to finish.

Marco Morongiu comes with Chromatographie fluide which sounds heavy and dramatic. Like big steps of a gentle giant who is becoming bigger and bigger as it steps towards the eccentric piano world and fills it up with a demanding strong strength that speaks highly to the imagination. It sounds like a dangerous piece, one that could crush you if it wanted to… but as mentioned, it must be a gentle giant as we all slip through it without getting harmed.

At the final moment before the album comes to an end, it’s Wilfried Hanrath featuring Bill Boethius to rework the piano music by our now beloved David Nadeau. It’s great. Getting that late night jazzy feel, a bit of a swing with a trumpet adding to the luxurious atmosphere that would fit well with a glass of champagne to celebrate this happy ending. The electric distorted guitar simply rips it off into the deeper depths of the night, solidly soldiering the piano works into the higher realms of awesomeness. What could be a better sound track to celebrate at least one wonderful hour on this excellent David Day? Check this fine collection of music giants doing David Nadeau’s compositions:

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