tendencyitis – AA0020

Artist: tendencyitis
Title: AA0020
Keywords: electronic feedback mixer music noise sounds techno Copenhagen
Label: FLUF

Listen to the eccentric machines of tendencyitis go and do their thing when nobody is watching. They simply come to life just as the toys in that toy story movie, but than of course without the cheesy Disney vibrations. No, these are perhaps no toys, although they do certainly seem to be made to function as playful sounding playthings. I can’t see what kind of machines generate these sounds, but one of them I expected to be a machine that blows up balloons. In any case the collection of them truly create an instant absurd techno party in which mankind had never previously been able to dance away in.

Things flubber, squeak, click, whoosh and wobble; making the rhythmic ordeal indeed into a very joyful event. These machines must be invented by tendencyitis to bring joy to the world, wether people are watching or not! It’s hard to pinpoint what it is that generates these sounds, but the pleasure they provide is utterly playful, it’s does it in a way that it seems to speak to the inner child living within us. It says something like ‘come out and play’ and ‘feel those plastic snorting squashy sounds, isn’t it great fun!?’. I couldn’t agree with them more!

In the end there is a remix provided, one that feels as if it is crafted by a human, perfectly overlapping the best of both worlds (the one of strange machinery coming to life by itself & the world of straight forward human production skills!) the result is one cool dance track in which we all could come together – balloon machine and human – hand in hand dancing for a full out rave session!what could go wrong? Nothing! It’s all one big joyous playful event!

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