Collections Of Dead Souls – No Love Just Art

Artist: Collections Of Dead Souls
Title: No Love Just Art
Keywords: experimental film , art, noise. Love,

People, young and old & all the ones in the middle probably are all fascinated by the view of an kaleidoscope. The tool itself is always some kind of oddity to look at but when you look through it everything turns into one big magical place. Colors, patterns equals mind blowing amazement. If you never have looked through a kaleidoscope you can assume that you haven’t properly lived! It’s one of those joyous inventions that nowadays you might not come across every day – but it certainly is one of them that delivers the joy of visual magic and instant escape.

In this modern day and age these things might be difficult to find, also with so much distractions like computers, iPads and fancy telephones it might be a step too difficult to set to even pick up a kaleidoscope and look through it with your very own eyes. But don’t worry, even though I have no idea how the artist named Collections Of Dead Souls had made it; but he brought kaleidoscope imagery into the new day and age. Bypassing the entire act of picking up a kaleidoscope and placing it in front of your eye, by giving you a full length visual trip that you could play by the never failing medium that is the DVD.

Don’t worry, it’s family friendly – there are no pictures of gruesome dead souls passing the revue, just pretty arty visuals that you could stare at, let it play in the back or simply overwhelm you as you sit through it like a true kaleidoscope fanatic! The format of it being on a DVD has brought an extra greatness to the whole visual situation as there is music! Music that goes on like a melting pot of LSD that drank a soft spot of lovely noise and spew it up smoothly for a rightful celebration to continuously compliment these pretty visuals. It’s a way to bring a bit of life from Collections Of Dead Souls into your own home – which in this case will colorize your place up and fills it up with an pretty art vibe that might not make the kaleidoscope redundant, but perhaps feed the whole spectacle something more life to it. After all a kaleidoscope won’t come with much sound at all & Collections Of Dead Souls’s visual version comes with lots of it! You can obtain a copy of this full length film over at the following link:

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