Gel-Sol – Horse Head Bookends

Artist: Gel-Sol
Title: Horse Head Bookends
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient modular synth prog Washington
Label: Verses Records

I walked into the goldilocks zone and switched (as you do – it was pitch dark) on the light switch. Lights did go on but an whole ordeal came out of nowhere, things started to flash, sounds came in to riddle and big beats started to drum. I might have set something on beyond my knowledge or imagination.. I just wanted to go in and check if goldilocks had anything to eat, if I could try out a bed to sleep in for the night and perhaps a seat to temporarily sit upon; I didn’t expect at all this enormous unexpected multimedia show at the flick of a finger. I was solidly surprised and indeed shockingly impressed.

A voice came out of the corner, explaining that the show was unstoppable and I was named as the first space man. I felt honored, yet quite surprised as nobody ever tells me anything as life changing as this could be . Resisting was useless I got told, so I went with it. The music got to me through psychedelic grandness, threw me in some kind of space continuum in which gravity had lost its meaning and awesomeness was all that mattered. Maybe by entering goldilocks her place I had somehow invited a manic episode in? It was all alright though – With melodies they flirted me into this new position, one I gladly accepted even though it was not in my range of freedom to refuse this outstanding offer. The unexpected material made me fly around goldilocks her house, she seemingly wasn’t at home and somehow I expected that it might have just been some kind of quality decoy to entrap curious cats like me in to this trap setup by these incredible music loving aliens called Gel-Sol.

Before I knew exactly what was happening, the entire scene started to change. All the walls, the floor, the beds, the rooms – everything! It all got sucked into the floor. Bizarrely it all had become an heated melting pot that sucked everything in. The buzz that I felt was like an experienced panic attack mixed with the excitement of being in a next level computer game. My heart was racing like a formula one car when I noticed that my new life as a space man came with some seriously handy life-saving skills! Now that I could fly, I had the good old chance to simply jump up, flap my arms and escape the madness, so I flew out of this facade of terrific panic attacks, straight as an arrow without any harm done deeply into the next track.

A strange robotic voice spoke to me as if it was just a glitch in the matrix, nothing to worry about; just an awesome showcase of what they could do if people like me wouldn’t comply to whatever they wanted. Why wouldn’t I comply? It would be silly not to comply… They could melt the entire earth… It wasn’t bad at all; they fed me smokey Charbonneau as I floated in the sky of delusional dreams. I dreamt of Can’s ‘vitamin C’ while grooving out on Gel-Sol ‘s Horse Head Bookends. It made me tumble around like an astronaut on groovy funky vibes, nobody could stop me from enjoying the psychedelic audio tricks and basically my time as a newly created space person. When I was there doing backflips and testing out my newly given super powers, others of similar faith seemed to have joined me. Would this be you, dear reader? I couldn’t understand one word that you had been shouting; but I could hear you clearly even though rumor goes that in space nobody could hear you scream. Gosh, did this got proven all wrong?!

I found you, (or at least I believe it was you) grabbed your hand and danced around bouncing away gravity as we had always had known it. We danced and danced like gorgeous space people all the way to Sweden. Why Sweden? Apparently that is where all the space people could go and not fall out of place – nobody of the Swedish people would even look up as we shot laser beams out of our eyes, tumbled around in the Swedish skyline and silently looked deep into each others eyes; it was our love for music and our curiosity that brought us here & now we got so high that we felt as if we didn’t need to do drugs to get fried; we were the drugs! Together we floated through the Swedish skyline on a bed of psychedelic weirdness, fully enhanced in the good times that might have come unexpected; they had been simply a gift that kept on giving.

When we opened our eyes to see where the music had taken us, it was clear that we had tumbled all the way into deep space, letting the lights of Star Ring Mi warm us both up with joyous sparkles that we could never experienced if we hadn’t been given our newly arrived super powers. Every light stream had a melodic kindness, romance was in the air and gentleness had taken over this part of the galaxy despite our arrival. It felt as we belonged here; you and me floating around in harmony; two lost souls grabbed by Gel-Sol on a mission of total space submission. It didn’t take long before we had been summoned to the space people headquarters, one in which our entrance was decorated with official sounding music of the grotesquely greatest order. Violins, space cadet drums, psychedelic melodies filling up the decorations as if we just arrived at the home of the wizard of Oz, but without the secret behind the curtain. Strangely we got moved all the way to the highest leader when a crazy battle fell down. We had to protect this identity, fighting like space warriors with the attitude that humans have… of course both of us did a great job saving the leader & all other space creatures gave us a happy applause.

Gel-Sol gave us a purpose in life and we happily got rewarded with a chilling vibe in which we got everything what our hearts deserved or had always wanted to have. I don’t know about your desires, but I finally had returned to the illusion of sleeping in Goldilocks her bed, nibbling her food, sitting on her chair and eventually even taking a bath with her. The bath was not too tight or small – it was the size of a entire ocean – nothing too extravagant for a space man like me! I wonder how you are doing? Fancy a swim later on too? There is plenty of room and even more bonus missions to go for! Such a trip! I never want to be an ordinary human ever again!

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  1. Linda says:

    wow, what a trip đŸ˜€

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