Duality Micro – batteries low ep

Artist: Duality Micro
Title: batteries low ep
Keywords: minimal, techno, lobit, experimental
Label: 20kbps http://www.20kbps.sofapause.ch/

Aaaiiiii! Oooohhh ouchhh!

Yep, Nothing is better than a start in which the creator captured the sound of someone shouting in pain. We might never know if it is the artist itself or someone else, but it doesn’t matter very much as long as it’s genuine. The latest release on prominent lobit label 20kbps by Duality Micro brings this shriek to the world, but don’t worry if the vocal chords of someone in pain isn’t your cup of tea, as it got nicely drowned out by the cuteness of chip music. Excellent! That’s all we need really. Let’s wrap it up and go home and fantasize about a ride on that little toadstool friend from Mario. Hmm, guess what? No time for that as there is more music to be explored!

Yep, Duality Micro doesn’t leave us to rest and comes up with a track that covers a problem that many in this day and age are dealing with: the sight of batteries running low. We don’t know if this also referred to the machine that is used to produce Duality Micro’s music while creating this tune, but bless the fact that the track got made and wasn’t deleted thanks to the heroic act of instant power failure. It’s a great and fluffy dance track with big basskicks, claps and hypnotizing pulsating minimalism. Actually we could wrap this review up now, as what else could we possibly wish for? More music perhaps? Oh good lord! Our mumbled praises are overheard as indeed there is much more!

Like this other track that especially sounds nice in the lower bit encodings, it is the one (surprise, surprise) named ‘lo’. It is keeping itself formally dressed in a minimal style, but seems to float more in the chilling out mellow zones than in the buzzy underground club night experience. But don’t worry (again!) cause after a little rest we could be assured to dance on the cutest chiptune sounds with TI – move. It’s a beautiful electronic composition in which we could all could come together, hold hands, step around on our feet and pretend to be characters out of a successful gameboy franchise. Don’t chose the toadstool as I might want to sit on your head. Not that I’m heavy but you know: unsecured.

Do choose the cutest one as that would suit your dance moves probably the most over here. You could keep this persona up as a tune named wFRT brings in more lovely bitty beeps in the sweetest sense of the word. If this was a human activity, it would probably be best described as the people who stand next to the road at a hard running competition, all offering running runners a refreshing beverage. Throw it in and swallow it all in for a moment of fast wFRTness!

But before we can go all out in energetic forms as our pixel character we will be greeted in German by a voice who wishes us all a good evening. How nice is that? It’s day time over here – but hey it’s the thought that counts! Besides this German fellow brings in the kind of music that indeed fits a night out. A house vibration of music that will make you wish it’s actually night already. I tried once before to close all the curtains and block the reviewers room from any daylight in order to fake the night; but than I realized that actually closing the eyes is a much more easier, more efficient and reliable way to trick your own mind into thinking that it’s dark already. So please give that a go!

But don’t forget to open your eyes again to check out the next track. I mean not that you have to look at it to hear it, but Duality Micro didn’t give it a name for nothing. Or.. oh well.. I guess you could just read it over here and continue ‘faking’ the night. Maybe it is night over where you are.. I guess if that’s the case you might see no reason to close your eyes at all maybe. Anyway the tune is named ym2149 and is super cool and dignified. It got everything to be that underground hit, those nice flairs of bass, that rhythm that fits stepping or jumping around with rubber souls, music with a melody.

Shall we now wrap it all up? What else could we possible need? Oh yes! That’s right.. a little monobeat. One that seems to walk all over and in our ears like a collection of funky ants that wants to deliver joy to their queen, which somehow they think is hiding inside our heads. Yep, they think our brain is the Queen ant for some reason. Hope it hasn’t anytime do with the size… but than again; these funky music ants can come and bring their sounds all day and night long if it’s all sounding as pretty like this. I hope they will not be dueling with each other as they bring the sound of micro gratification. It makes us all feel good! If only they could bring in a toadstool for me to sit upon… all wrapped up in tinfoil! … in any case this free netrelease is waiting here and is as lovely as a pixelated bumblebee:

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1 Response to Duality Micro – batteries low ep

  1. fReD says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 regards fReD from duality micro

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