Sarah Schonert – Because

Artist: Sarah Schonert
Title: Because
Keywords: electronic eclectic experimental electronic improvisation indie pop instrumental piano singer-songwriter Peoria

I know this is not about me. But I need to inform you about the amazing privileged circumstances. That is that I’m in the woods on a lovely day surrounded by singing birds of various kind and lots of sunshine peeking through the trees that had gone in full spring mode. It’s lovely.

I know I must be pushing my luck, but I decided to even push this wonderful bit of freedom and nature with something that goes ultimately well with it. Why? Because I can.. what was it? Well, hmm it was because. I mean because which is the title of an lovely keyboard release by nobody less than Sarah Schonert. I didn’t wanted it to be in my ears in private, but wanted to give it to me and the birds (and the tons of unidentified bugs, insects, plants, flowers and trees) as a gift to reward them for their lovely companionship.

Oh, let me tell you: it sounded so wonderful here in these hidden woods, with the sunshine and the sound of those appreciating birds flying around my head. The music was utterly flourishing and complimenting the landscape with every melodic melody. I couldn’t help but smile as the trees seemed to wave kindly on Sarah Schonert’s world of wonder. She made the birds sounds come out even nicer than they had been without; in fact her tones and style of playing seemed to be made for it. And yes, it felt extremely privileged to be here, all one with nature in the sun and being with these sweet compositions by this talented composer, but I felt the need to maximize this amazing moment as if the hundred thousand billon people who aren’t in the same position / situation could simply enjoy this time semi-through me. I know that must sound crazy but so be it!

Of course I could have done this in silent and in private, but just because I could – I had to write about it. Basically rubbing it all in for all who is lesser blessed. I did it for you, honestly, as I believe we are all connected somehow. All together as one and now you are all here with me in the forest, in the sun, between the chatting birds and the incredibly wonderful music that Sarah Schonert had donated to the world. It made my already wonderful day into one that was even more beautiful. Thank you Sarah because ‘because’ really enhanced my day! And I hope that someone who reads this could implement this lovely melodic music to their own day as well, after all it’s only a click away:

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1 Response to Sarah Schonert – Because

  1. On spotify it says the song is “Because it hurts”. Awesome personal review though.\

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