Void Vertex – Distress Beacon

Artist: Void Vertex
Title: Distress Beacon
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

This is the album that people at the end of the century will talk about. They will say things like remember Wormhole World releasing the album that everyone had been talking about? The one in which blistering beats and octopus sex had gone in to make our ears red from sheer eclectic joy? That album in which excessive electric guitar riffs got spiked with extreme breakbeats! Who cares about politics of the year 2019? Nobody will talk about whatever happened to Brexit or wether or not the president of the US had turned into a carrot.. nope, everyone would just be talking about Void Vertex and the album ‘Distress Beacon’! For hours and end – and when they wouldn’t they would play the album on repeat.

From all corners of the world, all different ages and cultural backgrounds they would all come together to chat about how inventive & all over the place this release is. Sheer timeless bashing of hardcore noise, classical music, good humorous adventures for mind and feet. Sniffing up the old and the new in an excellent multi mix in which everyone could raise an eyebrow or too! Nobody would discuss the weather anymore as everyone simply would be occupied discussing how cool distress beacon was, how massive the impact it had, how powerful these tracks had been. How funny it was as the tracks instantly made heads explode upon their first time listen! Cleaners would talk about how much work it was to clean the left over bits of blown up minds all over the globe…

Wormhole World was right!

People would chat about how countries would forbid the release because it was simply too good! How embarrassing the commercial pop world was as nobody gave a toss about them anymore and instead only cared for Void Vertex who would never sold out to Babylon! People would all have that special sparkle in their eyes when they talk about Distress Beacon. The lucky few who had the only copies on CD, the very first print & how rare it was & how more worth it was than gold! How the melodies moved the masses into a perfect state of being happily flabbergasted.

Hot headed conversations would be allover the street, people all coming together thanks to this album. Nestling in people’s minds like a virus that they all wanted to have deeply nestled within them. This ratatouille of an strong album had gone through the roof, defied gravity, flown through walls of concrete and banning it made it even grow more! Yep, all people united just like the genres that it had brought together. From classical chamber music, acid,heavy metal, breakcore, noise, pop, industrial, experimental, comedy, big bangers – it defied the entire concept of musical boxes which makes it that prospected talk of the town, city, province, country, continent, the world – the entire universe! Even aliens might have come down just in order to check out what the fuzz is all about… one of the most dominant albums of the year!

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