Phantom Circuit (we are going deeply inside…)

Facebook claims we are journalists, so it might be the ideal idea to prove them right. Gosh, what can you say? Lovely day for a intense research isn’t it? It must be the sun and the sea nymphs drowning me enough in order to go balls deep in to Phantom Circuit: but (or shall I say butt?) it must have been one of the best seductions we at yikis had ever had. We might lose some of our loyal fan base because of it, but hey; it’s worth the sacrifice!

Now you might think.. Phantom Circuit, what’s that? Some kind of electrified ghost perhaps? It sounds pretty awesome, right? Maybe that is all that you needed to know, but as balls weren’t deep enough; I was going in even more with the whole crotch, legs, knees, toes, torso, arms, everything all the way to the head. Phantom Circuit probably didn’t needed that kind of extreme research, but pleasure was all mine. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt. Well, maybe a little. But fear not it was a short awkward experience & some kind of happy ending.

As crazily enough when I was deep inside Phantom Circuit (for pure researching reasons) I noticed that it was a pretty inconvenient place to be in. This phantom had plenty of organs still intact, if I squeezed them a little, tons of music and information would come out, it was like one big aorta full of sounds & music knowledge. When I quickly licked the appendix of Phantom Circuit I noticed that it had an extremely good music taste. But what was surprising me the most was this excellently gigantic heart and soul in there; both of them must have been the biggest ones I’ve ever seen and they had definitely combined their strengths in order to (and to be fair not unsurprisingly) push me back out. So just as if phantom Circuit was going into labor – I quickly got thrown out, covered in love, music artifacts and music info – I cried like a newly born baby who had seen the light. Mamma, mamma! I shouted, but strangely for someone with such extreme appetite for music Phantom Circuit didn’t have any ears for my cute crying baby shrieks. I guess, it was because it wasn’t nice music that came out of my mouth…

Now that I was evidently reborn I instantly took up the dictionary and searched for more wisdom than anyone could possibly handle! After all I was in dire need to understand my new mum that stood there ignoring me. There it was in the C section:

1. an act or instance of going or movingaround.
2. a circular journey or one beginningand ending at the same place; a round.
3. a roundabout journey or course
4. a periodical journey from place to place, to perform certain duties, as by judges to hold court, ministers to preach, or salespeople covering a route.

My head was spinning around in circles, from dumb to wise all the way back to dumb again. So much information about just the second part of Phantom Circuit! But why didn’t it mention the massive amount of musical knowledge? Or the love that I felt while being inside Phantom Circuit? Maybe it was written somewhere else as I couldn’t help but seeking out the P section as well. Indeed, famous as Phantom Circuit was – Phantom was also taken into the dictionary. This is what it said:


1. an apparition or specter.
2. an appearance or illusion withoutmaterial substance, as a dreamimage, mirage, or optical illusion.
3. a person or thing of merely illusorypower, status, efficacy, etc.:
the phantom of fear.
4. an illustration, part of which is given a transparent effect so as to permitrepresentation of details otherwisehidden from view, as the innerworkings of a mechanical device.

But than… there it was… just when I was starting to believe that phantom was just some kind of illusion; there was a mention of Phantom Circuit in full blown combination! I couldn’t be more happier!

Electricity . noting or pertaining to a phantom circuit.

Holy smokes! Phantom Circuit was even clickable! It was oddly electrifyingly exciting , as i didn’t noticed that it was one of those digital dictionaries. Somehow I imagined that it was an actual dusty book, but there you go! I clicked and there it was… the information we all apparently had been searching for:

Phantom Circuit.

a circuit derived from two suitably arranged pairs of wires, each pair being a circuit (side circuit) and also acting as one half of an additional derived circuit, the entire system providing the capabilities of three circuits while requiring wires for only two.

I read it multiple times and although I didn’t understand one word that this dictionary blurb was actually trying to say, I decided that It was a case of going to act as if I did understood. Sometimes going out for answers simply make you find things beyond your mind, far ahead of the tree of knowledge. It was a bit as if I got an answer from God herself, but was too small minded to understand how special that was. Most people start a cult after such an encounter, but not me… I was looking at Phantom Circuit with optimistic mystified eyes… there must be more to this, I thought. Almost losing my marbles in the train of thoughts…

I settled down and licked some of the love that had still been stuck to my skin from going so deep into Phantom Circuit. It was sweet and more knowledgeable than any dictionary could give me. I started to stare at Phantom Circuit and connected the obvious points to be made. Love, music, circulation, giving, taking, information, an acquired taste…. hmmm… if Phantom Circuit wasn’t my mother I would probably had fallen completely in love. If only I could turn back time and didn’t check the inside from Phantom Circuit so close… after all, all the important information had been there, out in the open, for everyone to see and hear. Where? There on the digital home of Phantom Circuit, hidden in plain sight in which it’s been written loud and clear:

Phantom Circuit is a radio show of strange and wonderful sound waves – featuring music that is alien, electronic, exotic, essential.

A sigh of relief came over me. Finally an answer that I could understand. A synopsis that I fully agree with as I’ve been deeply in the body of Phantom Circuit and it definitely ejected me like an alien, but being there and even writing this blurb of insanity about it, felt exotically essential. I guess the Apple never falls far from the tree & we definitely have a love for all-over-the-place music and sharing in common. But this radio show’s roots are deeply tucked away in the ground of music support.

Browsing around on the site simply reveals tons more of information that any dictionary won’t give. It also reveals an enormous list of all the artists that had done some special thing for it. An interview or a live performance – familiar names like Elizabeth Joan Kelly, but also Whettman Chelmets, Faust, Cousin Silas, Matmos and so much more…

hmm, in fact it seems like there are (by the time of writing this gigantic blurb) 251 episodes! And every Thursday there will be a fresh new one broadcasted live at radio station Resonace Extra.. but most interestingly, most of the shows could all be found back to hear on demand on a thing called mixcloud! A thing that is probably better for your time if you had been fishing for a diverse eclectic interesting mix of music than anything else! Hell, you might forget all about yikis as your favorite cuckoo source of music recommendations and bizarre info, but in this case its worth the sacrifice. Plus, it’s family! So it’s all good! So if you really wanted to know Phantom Circuit, you should listen to all 251 episodes )and the upcoming new ones) & evidentially expend Your musical horizon at the same time too! Trust me, it’s the best thing to do and also the less drastic! I mean it was nice to be deep inside Phantom Circuit, but it was kinda dark and I’m not totally sure the stains of love for music will come out of the clothes. So don’t do as I did but go to

Or directly dive over to the mixcloud:

Total music bliss, info and fun will come at you until it will bedazzle you! To me Phantom Circuit is a bit as if mister Rogers ( the neighborhood guy) had a radio show. It’s evident as a work full of love and passion… This is what Phantom Circuit is and it is bloody amazing! Goodbye dear loyal yikis readers, have a life time of fun listening at Phantom Circuit!

P.s. Don’t forget to eat and that we love you!

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