Samarobryn – …together

Artist: Samarobryn
Title: …together
Keywords: experimental perth acousmatic ambient field recordings instrumental Perth

Samarobryn might be the kind of artist that you want to be looking out for. She is living in Perth, Australia and her music is more interesting than staring at a local koala. On her ongoing collection of music donated to compilations, you could slowly hear her work expanding in new ways and directions. What I love about Samarobryn’s work is the sheer psychedelic content of it all. I do not know how she does it, but just in a few minutes of listening to her music I feel as If I had munched upon a couple of dangerous mushrooms that would visually alternate space and time into something extremely trippy. It’s alright, as I’m a professional psychonaut, still it always makes me surprised how music not just enhances psychedelic experiences, but also could be the full blown trigger of them.

The works of Samarobryn are clearly the ones that somehow stand with one feet in a psychedelic trip world and the other within the zone in which we could all connect. Forming some kind of connection that makes it possible to go from sober to an instant intoxicated feel. I don’t know how, but Samarobryn does this ‘trick’ with each and every work on this collection of compilation tracks, resulting in deep tripping mind f*cks that takes me to places that probably might not exist, at least not in this concrete dimension that we are now sitting in, but they are wonderful nonetheless.

I could understand the connection with one of my biggest inspirational sources out there ‘Furchick’ as Samarobryn also hits that vibe of using every day sounds and mold them easily into something spectacular. It’s than not a complete surprise that Furchick and Samarobryn also made music together, which also happily landed on this collection of compilation tracks. It’s a great collection to find all the pieces all in one place, which of course saves a lot of searching all over the internet in order to find them. But also is just nice to hear them all in one go as a fruitful collage of psychedelic music of the experimental kind.

Samarobryn even manages to make the sound of water and birds into something that closely makes you feel like slipping into an zone in which only LSD got served as food. It’s really nice though and I’m certainly not complaining. I like birds, I enjoy nature and perhaps not all too dirty from something that expands the mind into the reals of peace and love. It doesn’t come as a real shocker that these tracks go by so easily. They slip into eahother as if it was meant to be an album and Samarobryn simply had thrown those works out at compilers working on compilations; that’s how miraculously they fit together.

Only ‘disrupted silence’ was a bit strange, as it was clearly one of the tracks made to fit a Christmas compilation. It wouldn’t be so weird probably if there was no reference to holy night / silent night & enjoying this entire collection while seated in the sunshine somewhere in spring, but still… cannot really complain! For now the collection ends with the buggy ‘the insect apocalypse’ which again immediately throw psychedelic dust in my ears to enable this trip to another dimension. I wish to stay there for a long time to be honest, so I truthfully hope Samarobryn will make either more excellent albums or simply would make more single tracks to be featured on compilations. Either way we all need more music by Samarobryn in our lives, as it is (to be frank) the most easiest and healthiest way to get high – ever!

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