Magic songs by Kate Bush, Bloom de Wilde & Dubstar

Songs. There are billion trillion of them out there. It would be impossible to point out the best ones. Especially when keeping in mind that personal taste means that everyone probably has a different favorite one. To me it’s not only the song, it’s also the entire music and sound ecstatic decorating the song that is important. When both song and the music is hitting that special place in my soul it’s like some kind of instant magic. Only a very limited amount of songs had ever really achieved this. Most parade by as I look at them stone-faced, but the ones that do it are so strong that they could trigger this bizarre emotional reaction each and every time when they hit my ears.

Out of self protection, I have sworn to stay away from the music of Kate Bush. Successfully avoiding her repertoire to come into my house or portable music player. Why? Because I know it’s good. One of the songs that triggers that magic reaction is the one in which she sings to go running up the hill, making a deal with god and get him to swap our places.. there is something so strong and truthfully heartfelt in there that it is like a magic spell in song & music form. Every time it pops on a radio show, or it get played in an elevator or in the backdrop of some kind of shopping experience I feel lifted up in the air, overly excited, thrilled, empowered. It’s like an energizer that somehow goes directly into my heart, completely ignoring the outdated synth sound & swiftly sweeps my entire being off the ground into a realm of strength and power. It makes me feel as if Kate understands me, as if she knew my inner core and made a song that touches that place and refills the batteries inside it with the power of that song. I’m a complete sucker for it. If I had that song in my possession I would probably not want to hear any other music. This blog could close down and I would die. I could imagine the news paper headline: guy found dead, forgot to eat or drink because of listening to running up the hill by Kate bush for months on repeat! That is, solidly, why I stay away from Kate Bush her music, but always embrace the moment when she randomly pops into my life, especially that very special song. I’m completely weak for it. It’s too good.

Another one (I’ve got 3 in my life! – it’s a very rare and unique exclusive club!) is a song that I can listen to without it being my fatal end. (Sorry Kate!) This is a song named Animal Spirit by Bloom de Wilde. It always makes me cry when I hear it. But this is in the good way of the crying department. It is so real and heartfelt that it touches me in a way beyond knowledge. It’s utterly beautiful and performed in such a gracious way that it is simply overwhelming my emotions & triggering something that could only be described as ‘the feels’. It’s clearly a song channeled from the universe, making me meow like a cute little kitten that had secretly always had been hiding somewhere deep inside. To me it’s magic, a song that moves me deeply, as if it is telling the tale that it is alright to be yourself, to connect with your inner being and bring it out. Music extravaganza creator Logosamphia wrote me some emails with his face covered in tears after experiencing this song, so the magical powers of animal spirit had not just been a product of my own wild imagination. Some songs are just really, really powerful and this one is certainly one of them (3) . It’s caring, wonderful and the sheer magical music of a true soulmate!

The last one on this club is a hit song by Dubstar. It’s one of those songs that I wouldn’t tell anyone that it’s special to me. I guess because it reveals the biggest gay lord inside of me, although after revealing my love for that song of Kate Bush I guess there is nothing really to hide away for. All cards are on the table, naked exposed and in full view. It’s all game over – hands covering the face when I go out in the street, being bombarded by people yelling ; oh look at that sensitive prick that cries all the time when he hears a good song! Oh look at him! Let’s torture him with Kate Bush, let’s meow at him for loving cats! … that kind of stuff. I guess admitting to be a sucker for Dubstar’s Stars is simply the finishing touch of it all. It is also a song that makes me cry, I can’t even fully understand why that is exactly. However it is different than the tears that Bloom de Wilde triggers, the ones that flow down my cheeks are seemingly out of beauty, wisdom and acceptance. I think ‘animal spirit’ is a beautiful song that goes straight into my heart… but the tears that come out to play when hearing ‘stars’ by Dubstar are of a sadder kind. I don’t know why, but I always go back to it when I feel sad. It’s like a song and sound that goes well with it, one that triggers that flow of tears to get it all out of the system and get it all done and over with. When the tears are gone and the song is finessed, I feel as if I had gone to the cleaner, cleared out any sad thought and tossed them in the bin in order to let the sunshine come back in. I guess sometimes it’s best to completely go into tear jerker land to come out fresh and clean & thanks to this amazingly sincere sounding song I found an easy way to do it. I cannot listen to it without getting my eyes wet – such magic!

So yes, like it or hate it. These were the three songs that are (to me) magic potions in audible form. Nobody gives a shit, but still penning this blurb kept me off the street so there’s that. I’m sure that there are more magical songs out there, but to be frank; as potently powerful as these three I think they are enough for a life time supply of instant magic!


P.s. Thanks Phantom Circuit for triggering my mind into writing this fancy personal blurb. I’ve got to check out that new Dubstar album… although maybe I’ll wait until it’s raining… tears!

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