Extinction Rebellion in London

Heros taking over Marble Arch

Hello, yep. We are a music blog.. or well that’s what we tend to believe. But here in this post I wanted to note down something different from our average review and interview. A little writing about the ongoing happenings in London at this very moment. Why? Because it is more important than Hank’s new album, an imaginative write up about a big pop star or an random interview with some lovely bedroom musician. It’s about the world!

A sit in in the middle of London

This bit of a blurb of text is influenced (and felt needed) on the fact that I’ve noticed a lack (or complete ignorance) of the mainstream press for the Extinction Rebellion protests that are going on in the center of London. It’s probably a media silencing tactic as to crop down on more people to come over and join the case for a better and healthier future of the earth. Ignoring or simply sticking their heads in the sand (or concrete?) is not the way forward, or how the mayor of London so officially responded ‘let’s stop the protests and go back into doing ‘business as usual’. Wow, that’s pretty out of touch mister mayor, clearly the good man hasn’t come to the sites to see with his own eyes and hear with his own ears what it is all about. In Marble Arch you could actually hear the birds sing for the first time since thirty years , instead of the prominent sound of heavy traffic… it’s quite refreshing to note a car-less London in which you could actually inhale the air without poisoning yourself. What’s wrong about that?

A unique sight at Marble Arch

The Extinction Rebellion people there are amazingly well organized, acting civil and clearly come in peace. They advocate strongly on non violent protesting which is (I have to say) one of the best tactics I have seen in action in this passionate plea to battle climate change. It makes it much harder for authorities to come in and use their batons, although they still have to follow their duties to arrest the nice people if they chose to be arrested. Thousands arrests have been made, police is overworked – the mayor is concerned that there would be no police left to battle crime – which simply could only bring up the question? Who have ordered the police force to go there at these protests all mass in the first place? They are not needed in such volume, as everything is peaceful and good hearted. Yes, traffic is disrupted, but London has plenty of roads, besides the underground will almost reach every corner. In fact you could take the tube to Marble Arch and see what it is all about.

I’m not an brave ecowarior, but I do think it is selfish not to show support for the good cause that Extinction Rebellion is trying to bring to the world before it’s going to be too late. When I came to see the protests in London I was happily surprised and convinced of their case. The great coming together of people who believe in their important cause, one that seemingly had been setup in order to help secure a future for the next generation(s) is as clear as it could be. Things needs to change and they demand it to be done as quick as possible. What is so difficult for people of power to understand that these people are passionately there to get their attention? They need support and our help and respect; they do this for all of us!

Spontaneous music friends are formed in the street. A lady asked to get the mic and started to steal the show with some excellent singing below the arch

Most demonstrations in London (for various cases) have always looked a bit foolish to me, they would throw a party in front of parliament for a few hours and than go home.. but Extinction Rebellion is different. They are really clear about what they are there for. You can’t miss their messages. Sure, there is that community vibe of awoke people of various ages (from the elderly all the way to toddlers) which does created a good friendly atmosphere with music, arts and craft, children going on s Easter egg hunt, spoken word, drum circles, belly dancing.. but the message of things needing to change in order for the new generations to have a future is there in every corner – loud and clear.

Everyone is needed and welcome to help the planet

These people give about the planet, they agree that there is only one and it is time to save what is there to be saved. I know this is a music blog, but when there is no clean air to inhale, ‘music’ too will get extinct. Who is going to make it? Who will be there to listen? It’s important for the out of touch governments around the world and people of influence to start a conversation with Extinction Rebellion organizers as that’s the only way to find a solution for the seemingly nuisance of people peacefully making their points clear. Our world is doomed if we don’t do anything about it.

A very very very peaceful demonstrator

Please if you can, be on the right side of history, don’t be a mindless consumer that finds shopping more important than the future of the earth. Come out and see what it is about, ordering of police by officials to use force against peace loving kind hearted people who do this for the children with all their might and heart feels absolute wrong. Come down to Marble Arch today (the other places have been smashed down) and come to help, understand, engage and feel the communal care for a future for all who are going to be occupying the planet when we are gone.

Bloom de Wilde also joined in to play her earth friendly songs

And yes… there is music. Lots of it. Massive Attack showed up yesterday night showing support, but also on many corners instant musical friendships are build in the honor of this honorable cause. Lyrics about the earth and how you could be helping out are heard through multi national corners. Complete strangers bump into each other to play an instrument or open their mouths for an instant performance. Reason enough to come down and help by being there, getting informed and engage in the message that Extinction Rebellion is offering. A non violent protest of the highest importance! Big up to the people doing it, massive thanks for keeping up the vibes and to be there with all their passionate might and glory!

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