Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – The Monosaccharide Inducer (feat. Norwood Grimes)

Artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
Titled: The Monosaccharide Inducer (feat. Norwood Grimes)
Keywords: electronic art pop experimental electronic lofi lounge lounge noir no wave outsider music outsider pop psychedelic psychedelic pop Gibsonton

Petunia MacPumpkin is a genius, she has all the dolls on dry land, sorted her world completely and got it seemingly all figured out. Maybe not, but at least she seems focused enough to hook up with the right figures, characters and individuals to keep her world occupied with interesting beings and happenings. The latest one is not an unfamiliar person in my own world, I can’t put my finger on him as in physical form he is simply too far away & in not physical form… I sometimes doubt if he is there or perhaps a friction of the imagination. He is one of the nicest people that I don’t know but feel that I do know. A mutual friend between Petunia MacPumpkin and me, brought to us through particularly peculiar circumstances.

Who do you think I’m talking about? Nope not you. Unless you are Norwood Grimes that is.. yes, I’m talking about Norwood Grimes, the legendary being who feels like the imaginary friend who I love and yet kept itself so mysteriously. He is there with Petunia MacPumpkin miraculously rocking out in Uncanny Valley in a special designed zone in which odd looking inventors have been inventing new inventions and robotic people are dancing in their shiny formats. It’s the only suitable place I would think someone like Norwood Grimes would feel at home in. Here he is seemingly easy at peace establishing himself like the true enigma that he is, holding onto his precious guitar to provide the electric weighty sounds to this corner of Petunia’s world. He is looking at us with a great seriousness, rocking out his tool like a true puppet master. Slightly tilting his body just to get the right strings at the most favourable tension.

The electric guitar sound is purposely filling up the exotic world in which sugar and absurd amounts of caffeine had been in shortage. It’s a good distraction although it’s not clear if the doctor who also rules in this part of the valley has been fully noticing Norwood his sturdy presence. He might simply be too busy with his new invention, a transforming machine that turns floating goldthwaits into Monosaccharide! The machine runs on sugar so it is reasonable to think that Norwood Grimes might have to play more in order not to destroy the doctor’s jolly good boyish mood. Although I doubt that even if the sugar runs out, the great atmosphere in Petunia’s world of wonders would disappear…

Get this track and the full album over at the following link:

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