Mai 12 – Planète Sauvage

Artist: Mai 12
Title: Planète Sauvage
Keywords: electronic experimental harsh noise noise power electronics hnw Greece

Hi! How do you do today? Everything working fine? Got good eye sight? Muscles are all working correctly? … what about your ears? Are they working fine? What did you say? You don’t really know? Maybe you could try and test their capabilities out by wrapping them into some comfortable headphones and shoving Mai 12’s Planète Sauvage through it. It’s as much as a hearing test as it is a inner ear rinsing rinser.

When you blast it out in both your ears it will become apparent that both ear passages of the head will be slightly tormented by hard harshness. They will make the inner head vibrate in such ways that it might actually tickle you from the inside out… that’s a good thing and a good sign; your ears might register a certain nastiness but also somehow makes you think about how life would be if we would continue to hear this savage ear test forever and ever. Imagine that someone had put some super glue on the headphones : that would become frustrating.

Life would be quite difficult as even if you played this experience on the lowest volume – ordering a coffee or having a normal conversation would be as good as impossible. Luckily there is sign language and perhaps pens and papers around, but still… but no, glueing headphones to your head and listen to this album on repeat is not the needed thing to go for, but just a little taste of this all would be handy to appreciate sounds of life as we knew it actually a little bit better than before.

In any case,if you try out Planète Sauvage you will be for sure cleaning your ears from the deep inside out through audio ways. It doesn’t really register as music, but the noises coming out of a dentist clinic won’t sound like that either & still they kind of help you! In a way this work could be next to a hard hearing test, crunching its way through and also subjecting the ears to some free range frequencies.. it also makes me think of it being a philosophical one. An album that makes you think about the earth, of it when it is all being destroyed by the cockroaches of the earth, the human scavengers that love money more than nature. It isn’t difficult to close the eyes and see a burned up planet, and ‘Mai 12’as some kind of lonely surviver standing there whistling happily on a rotten left over land in which all trees had been dead, the air polluted and nothing would grow.

In fact the whole hearing test bit might just be a small beneficial part of it all, as the image of the world in ruines is quietly slipping in to a much higher scale of importance. It fist the urge to go into the streets and support the extinction rebellion group to make sure the image that Planète Sauvage sketches in our minds, will stay in Planète Sauvage and not become a devastated reality. As it would be horrible to put off the headphones, looking around into a world that is still burning up until there is nothing left expect a harsh reality. A heavy experience but it gets the job done!

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