Yes Selma – Mirror​-​Eyed Morning

Artist: Yes Selma
Title: Mirror-Eyed Morning
Keywords: baltimore experimental lo-fi singer-songwriter Baltimore

A collection of songs by Yes Selma. Who could say no to that? If you are an insensitive prick with no heart, soul or feelings it might actually be best to say no to this one.. but all others should be okay to say yes to Yes Selma. It’s quite a lovely work. It starts with a song named ‘Rivers blood’ which surprisingly doesn’t sound like a river full of blood but more like a band of some kind, perfectly rocking out in a Low fidelity gentle way. It’s kind hearted and comes across as gentle and nice. A bit like the music you would like to put in a duvet to sleep under, but only in summer times as the blanket might just be a bit too thin to keep you warm in winter.

The next song ‘I don’t wanna see you (alone anymore)’ is rather cute too. Apparently it is all the work of one bed room musician who played, sang and recorded all the things that you could possible hear on all the songs on the album. We could call this in professional terms a true work by a multi instrumentalist. If they would tell me that it was made by a full band of gentle people I would definitely believe it; so kudos to the person behind the Yes Selma project. He throws in some lovely piano and his voice is of the adorable kind.. in fact so much that I would like to go and do some plastic surgery, change my facial features into that linked to an old lady – just to be able to get away with the act of squeezing the track in its cheeky cheeks.

After that it’s another lovely song dressed in music. It’s called ‘she taught me how to fly’ and feels so soft and kindhearted. It is easy to believe it is made in a bedroom while someone else is actually there in a bed trying to sleep. No note will wake anyone up, no word will be a shocker – it’s all soft, gentle, kind – like whispers of a dreamy vibe.

I can be saved’ is another song on this lovable release. It’s difficult for me to say anything about it as it is all good and quite adorable. Anyone who would say something negative about it might quite well be a big liar. I could talk about the instruments that Yes Selma is using, but what’s the point? I rather close my eyes and enjoy the music as a whole lot of bedroom made loveliness.

It’s quite a lot of songs on this release and all of them come across as petite and personal. All quite the diary worthy works that will make you feel a bit closer to the person behind Yes Selma. I could note down the name of this musician but don’t want to feed the search engine too much information: it’s already quite bloated. In any case I feel this entire collection as completely sincere, a one man band expressing himself to get things of his chest and doing it in the most kind hearted way. This is the work of a gentle soul and should be approached by only other gentle hearted music lovers in order not to arrive into the wrong hands or crowds.

A song named ‘Spirit / soul’ comes across as if the artist had unzipped its chest for all of us to see and feel what is there inside. I mean, so much exposure is telling me that this artist doesn’t have much to hide and lives a life like a truthful individual that chooses music and song writing as the way to express himself. There is nothing hilarious about it, no moment in which we will be rolling around on the floor in stitches with tears in our eyes; it’s simply more a case of music to listen to when you are half way settling down into sleepy times. Maybe you could play it before bedtime, guiding you into the realms of dreamland… Yes Selma will make sure the dreams will be dreams and no nightmares, even though there is a mention of the artist’s will to life is fleeing.. followed by some sweet distorted melody and pretty singing. It still will work as the rightful horse to gallop gently into the other dimension in which you could snore hopefully louder than the music. Have a listen and enjoy:

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